Stephen, you are always there for me


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Written for a true friend that has ALWAYS been there for me.

Stephen, you are always there for me


I wanted to share my feelings with you.

The great memories of all the years we have been through.

We have a connection that is special you see.

I find that often when I am thinking of you,

You are thinking of me.

Many times when we have picked up the phone,

We immediately hear the other say,

When answered “I was just thinking of you, one of us would say.”

 Or “I been meaning to call, but haven’t had the time in my day.”


I wanted to let you know what a true friend you are to me.

When times were bad, you would come around.

Your words filled with compassion,

Would find a way to sooth the deep ache,

The painful breaking of my heart.

The caring you showed in the words that you spoke,

They comforted me more then you will ever know.


Through the passing of my Mom and Dad

Your friendship was always close at hand.

For you knew that I would need a friend to talk to,

To remind me of the good times we had both lived through.

You made me laugh at some of my lowest times.

You helped me to forget my pain for a time.


Now things are turning around.

Your Mother and Father are in need of you now.

I know it must be difficult for you,

I only wish there was something I could do to help you.


I want you to know that if ever you should need me,

I’ll be there just as fast as my car can speed me.

Remember I am but a phone call away.

Open 24 hours on all 7 days!

Even if it is just to listen or to give you a hug.

There may be times when there is nothing I can really do.

Please remember that I will be there for you.


I owe you more they I can ever repay.

The love of our friendship will always stay.

Know that I am a friend that will never turn you away.

I am your friend forever and there I will stay.

Stephen you are a special person indeed,

You are always there for your friends in need.


Your compassion, love and friendship,

No other can measure up to.

You are younger than me,

But someone I will always look up to.

Thank you for being such a very special person in my life.

In honor of our friendship, these words I give to you.

Hold them in your heart, for I will always hold you in mine.

With love to you my dear friend,

From your friend Beth


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loveswar09 commented on Stephen, you are always there for me


Wow thats...nice. I've never really felt this way so that makes it a little hard for me to judge. But if I were to find a friend like this, I would never want to let them go. It's good mommy really good. =)



Thank you Love. I hope that one day you will find a person just like my friend that is just right for you!

KingHostile commented on Stephen, you are always there for me


These people are so few and far between, I have had but one in my life, and I feel very blessed to have her.



Yes they are, but they get right into your heart don't they?

kpeery09 commented on Stephen, you are always there for me


Very nice...I like it...Me and my girlfriend kinda relate to this poem in a way i should say. But very good...I give you 10



Thank you very much. I bet there are a lot of people that have that friend esp.

SuperChick76 commented on Stephen, you are always there for me


It must be amazing to have such an awesome friend. You are indeed a lucky person. Nice poem, very true to the heart. Good job.



Yes I consider myself to be very lucky to have a friend like Stephen. He is a true friend for life.

am2anangel commented on Stephen, you are always there for me


a very compassionate and heartfelt write. Everyone needs a friend like this in their lives. It makes life's trials so much easier. You honor your friend truly with this piece. Well done.



Thank you very much. It is true everyone does need a friend like this in their life. Some just forget to open their hearts to love.

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