Still Life


  • Confusion

    Still Life

    We are still life. Stuck in a frame, motionless!
    Subdued by all that is unreal.
    If reality is free from sound or noise, then surreality must be what we see, hear, feel and taste?

    If we see and feel and hear then why is everything so fixed, lifeless, stuck in a frame?
    Why is the turbulence of life so slow, so bleak?

    The water colors of each scenery are passionate and bold but they're dead, lifeless, stuck in a frame.

    Sounds of silence make my ear drums stop and become dreary.

    Visions of dull expressions create false perpetual ideas of something that is or has been seen, stopped in motion, stuck in a frame.

    If everything is energy and energy is infinite and spins continuously on its axis, then why is everyting so still?

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    DearAlice commented on Still Life


    i've read this one b4 and i still cant get enough. mils very nicely done.

    TJR commented on Still Life


    This is a reflection of how you yourself see life. Some may see life differently than you and consider it "fast living". All in all if you ask a person what do they think about life, they'll give you a reply that goes hand in hand with how they're living thier very own personal lives. I straddle the fence alot myself lol

    wildpendigus commented on Still Life


    This isn a very different and unique poem the title too, also could be a nice song with the right music, rythmn section and drums guitar and melodiesbut keep writing you'll get better so keep writing Good Luck!

    Grito commented on Still Life


    Great question to ponder wordCollective. Could it be that there is an impetus, a desire on a higher level, that urges one to see the space between the leaves, and concentrate less on the leaves, and so not be stranded in one limiting dimension?

    soulwriter commented on Still Life


    Stillness is realness in so many of us, while with others they cant slow things down... as writers we crave both and then we use the reaction to all the actions around us to break free of the boxes that contain our spirits so that we are no longer stuck in a frame - then we can paint our own pictures with words to be articulately framed! Great job - keep creating!



    Thank you but some people never stop to breathe, listen or see....

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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