Still Waters


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Nar’y a place such as this where I am now living could I have imagined.  I love it. I hate it.  I love that at times, I see the beauty of the world around me.  The water out my front window inspires me to be calm this day.  As God promised to bring us to still waters.  I curse it for the responsibilities it creates.  I love that it keeps me busy and driven, but I would so much rather spend my days just sitting by God’s still waters.

I would appreciate any critique, comments.

Still Waters



Still waters invite me

            into your space.

Your loveliness take me

            into God’s holy grace.

Tho’ winter is nigh,

            still comfort you bring

To my soul; in this place

            Which is calling

my heart to its work.

            And tho’ I bemoan,

that my hands are needed,

            my mind’s focus too;

I do so that I remain

            close to You.


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Luwonda commented on Still Waters


I like the peace and comfort this poem brings me! And how quiet it is for the soul to desire the still waters, so calmingly written.



Thank you. It is one that I read daily.

danmartyjake1 commented on Still Waters


This poem brings sweet serenity to the soul of the reader. Very talented write.

dahlusion commented on Still Waters


Sweet, short and to the point. A poetic gem in all of its glittering verbiage. bravo! Peace and Light, Dah

kdarcy commented on Still Waters


A prayerful write that calms, how much more we enjoy the still waters after living in the sometimes riptide and undertoe of life and its many challenges. I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing, be well,, k



Your sentiment is very timely, thank you.

StandingBear commented on Still Waters


A great work JeanMarie. Ah, the peacefulness of still waters. SBear



Thanks for reading and commenting. I needed to get back here!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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