I got no mom, no dad
I barely got a home
oh wait! there it goes
guess its just me
oh wait! there I go

guess I got the sweater on my back
got shoes on my feet and a coat on the rack
gotta mean little dog and a kitty cat

I got no money, but I do have a car
I got no gas 
guess I'm not gettin far
I got no man, no wine
I do have some friends and a little time

I still gotta smile and a heart with a song
I guess I got it all wrong
Life's not about structure, money, or even a home
But a couple of dreams and the river to float

I still got my family
Even though we're all spread out
I think I finally know what its all about

As long as I have water and food to eat
As long as I have dreams and best friends to greet
As long as I have air and some trees to climb
As long as I have words I can try and rhyme
Cause lifes too short to count the scars on my face
I gotta jump back in with a smile for the rat race

No time to sit and remember all I forgot
cause my ghosts are always waiting but the future is not
I guess I better be grateful to the birds and the bees
I gotta love the mountains, the valleys, and the seas

Lifes too short not to go with the flow
You can't hold onto the wind
you gotta let it blow
I can't forget the savior who made it all so
His words must stay with me wherever go

I gotta a little rhyme and some friends down the street
I still got some time and the shoes on my feet
I still got my brother, moms gone, no dad
Its time to forget all the things I never had

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jj1562 commented on Streamin


i forget this sometimes thank you and i really liked the flow and imagry

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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