Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain


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    Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain

    A journey must begin says my heart to my soul 
    One we need to realize to ease a troubled mind  
    Long have our eyes looked on that crooked trail.
    How often we find our stride leaning toward that northern rail.

    Once we've heard the old stories spoken from wisdom's door.
    Gathered all the insight old men will implore.
    Spent the time called for fasting while bent in thoughtful prayer.
    We lay these meager offerings on the alter of despair.

    Guided by the elders we've followed all  the rituals meant to appease.
    Our fathers wouldn't allow this sojourn till the Gods were pleased.
    When moon rise comes in all it's fullness upon the eve of first summers day.
    We danced the dances and sang those songs to signal a new beginning as we started on our way.

    Now in my youth I heard these tales how young men must find the road to heaven.
    The rough and rock filled path up to Fire Mountain.
    So on the mourn of summer solstice at the first light of day. I left my fathers house for the last time as a child at play.

    I make my way along an unworn path climbing ever upward. While my footfalls announce my unsure way.
    With every lengthening shadow marking the close of day. I wind up the mountain to the place I've come to pray.

    At last under the light of the waining moon the summit is at hand.
    I spend this night as all before me singing prayers of joy.
    Leaving my childhood behind me no longer to be a boy.

    On the edge of Fire Mountain I lay chanting words of old.
    Just as my fathers had all those years ago.
    Sunrise on the edge of Fire Mountain a man stood tall and straight.
    Basking in the glory of his lucky fate, for with ever new beam of the coming day.
    He could see the path that lead him this way.
    Deep down the valley below he could just see his birthplace.

    Sunrise on the edge of Fire Mountain with heaven just above. He let a whisper leave his lips to be carried on the wind.
    God let me live long and full and raise a grateful son. That I may send him here to be humbled at the glory of your talented hands.



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    blue92 commented on Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain


    this is the true work of an artist of words. I only wish that I can be like you with your words. your are true inspiration to me, thank you for sharing your words, and I look foward to reading more of your poems. -Rachel/ blue92-



    thankyou i hope i can live up to your expectations you are well along your path to becoming a wordsmith yourself

    pocketofdreams6 commented on Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain


    I felt as if I was walking along side you as you read it! Very moving!



    i'm glad you liked it is rather good isn't it thanks

    carmentis commented on Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain


    yup your a mouthful to read your on a trail need i say do not forget compass and suppiles and blanket to keep you warm if you find your self in miid winter reaching your promised land



    good one hope you'll return and read some more

    photochick commented on Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain


    wow lucky you are a true poet of life you capture all its journeys and struggle so beautifully this is a grand piece your outlook on the generations within a family preparing the next for the road of life is full of such truth and beauty you captured it with ease a wonderful piece that is going in the favs you have once again left me in a state of awe for your creative mind sees life in such a light taking none of it for granted and allowing others to see it through your eyes in such beauty keep writing and teaching all the special things in life ..just like in this one where you capture the process of generations passing life on to the next thanks for sharing i enjoyed each line



    don't tell anyone your on my payroll the others might get jealous. As always your heart felt thoughts of my meger work astound me. Thankyou x 100.....

    Paige commented on Sunrise From The Edge Of Fire Mountain


    beautiful poem just as its setting. sounds like a wonderful place to be. I really enjoyed it.



    why thankyou paige your so sweet. glad you looked down into the valley

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