Surfer Dude


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None of us has a pure heart.

Surfer Dude

Surfer dude

            Riding the waves

Into oblivion

            Ne’er watchful

For the fins


To engulf and


Your dreams


Your passion


While danger lurks

            I stand watchful

To watch your demise

            I say nothing

Because I delight

            In your destruction

Thinking erroneously

            to be my saving grace.


Pity you

            Or envy me

I could be you

            Or you could be me

So let’s grip the board

            Of mindfulness together,

Lest we both survive.


Jean Marie


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Insideme commented on Surfer Dude


A beautiful image put into words, crafted wonderfully. thank you for sharing and for the explanation of the poem below. I didnt see it like that at first but now I see. Poetry means so many different things to different people.



I try to put an image to the soul..Thanks for taking the time!

NativeAmeriGirl commented on Surfer Dude


Muy Bien!!!! An amazing write.....muchas gracias for the honor....siempre, Native



Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Many returns!

NevillePark commented on Surfer Dude


Well Jean... I have to admit. I'm confused about the story behind an odd thought line. It's a death wish wrapped in brown paper somehow. Could be you - could be me - so tell us what we need to see. Maybe it's a vacationing postal worker on his way to a break from reality followed by a tragedy and a national headline.Could be. I dunno ... I'm certainly curious about this by-stander in any event. It's engaging but I find (for me at least) I need more to go on.



Thank you, Neville for commenting. My surfer dude is riding the crest of the wave to the pinnacle of life - but is unaware that somewhere some might secretly be wishful for his demise, thinking it was undeserved, thereby equalizing all. We could be either person in this scenario - and in either case - both are likely to survive.

stellar commented on Surfer Dude


the dark truth...well i can so much relate with you...I love the way how you do



I like to believe that truth is light on the dark cravasses...if your heart was lightened - there be the truth.

Phoenix9 commented on Surfer Dude


Excellent poem full of feeling and feelings expressed as one truly watching and waiting for the dreams to survive as long as we stand together



Glad to have you comment. Many returns - I am indebted to many. Jean

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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