Survival Mode


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    Survival Mode

    I see today right now and not the future
    In a deserted island alone I seek for life
    As civilization grew I went along feeding on its scraps
    Through slavery and segregation I suffered brutally
    The wisdom I have is all mines with no inheritance
    All I do is seek God for a moment of happiness and never joy
    Some of me try as others prosper on my downfall
    When will I ever stand tall?
    Education I have but how does that make things better
    I should be one as a body not cut off with knives
    I sin and hide under the Lord's beautiful wrap
    Yes it is true He loves me with abundance
    I am never obedient but still I wait on his miracles
    Take some deed, then I know my sons will beat obstacles
    I should take action and make a better life for us
    Instead of taking advantage on sitting in front of the bus
    I reap a harvest already reaped
    Who shall lead the young to come for I could not led myself
    Growing with a community full of wisdom
    blossoming like lilies in a shining light
    So I ask, stop blaming the past and racism as it grows
    I am in a survival mode as survival mode is in me

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    tonia18 commented on Survival Mode


    i like this one because it talks abou seggergations and im a strong beleaver that were all equal, i hate rasism it is like one thing that i will fight for any time... im tired of the afercain americans getting called thos vishis names and getting treated like a slave.... what may suprize u most is im white



    read faith in Christ and his pain our salvation

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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