Sweet Goodbye


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Read deeply and see the truth....

Sweet Goodbye

Sweet is the touch of the rain as it falls
Soft is the kiss of the dew
Breath in the fresh and softest breeze
Listen to the Whippoorwill's coo

Skys filling my view with color
Clouds sweeping by on a whim
Take it all in while you can
In evening it all becomes dim

The moonlit surf glows in the night
The sea feels the tender sigh
It's all adrift deep in your heart
And then say a sweet goodbye


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dahlusion commented on Sweet Goodbye


"The moonlit surf glows in the night The sea feels the tender sigh"—oh, my...oh, my, my, my...I am speechless. Bravo!!



Your comments honor me Dah. I am pleased that you felt what I was trying to express. Your praise is great inspiration. Thank you......Swan

angel33614 commented on Sweet Goodbye


breathtaking poem my dear, just breathtaking! bravo! As I read the words of your poem i can see myself standing in a beautiful forest as I look up through the trees as the midst of light shines down on my face with the eleganr grace of god's breath, it is truely inspiring! At this momement comes the realization of life, that the sands of time passes faster than we can imagine and all to soon the night shall come, so in the beauty of the moment soak up as much life, joy, and happiness as you can for the end of one's journey is never as far as we realize. As the romans used to say carpa diem!!! Truely beatiful visions of such vivbrance and purity of one's life and the special moments woth living for! perhaps I see, perhaps I am blind. Purity of the soul, journey well!!! Angel aka The poem buster



Thank you angel. Your comments are very kind......Swan

carynontherhine commented on Sweet Goodbye


I love the words you used to create the aroma of nature. The ending is beautiful. Is this you on your profile? I like your poetry, I would like to be your friend and then I can lend you my pen! Caryn on the Rhine



Thank you Carynontherhine, It was a parting of a memory. Yes the picture is me. And welcome to my friends list.........Swan

Hiporlacking commented on Sweet Goodbye


You've captured a wonderful evening spent with someone flawlessly Sometimes time passes too quickly. I recently went to a state park with someone I'm very fond of. You brought me back to that time shared. Nice job Poet.



How very sweet you are....thank you and I am glad I envoked a lovely memory.....Swan

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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