Sweet Memories (Good-Bye)


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  • Poetry will always emerge out of the shadows of depression, shining like a star in the scarcity of light.

Poem Commentary

I dedicate this poem to my dog, Melcocha (means caramel in Spanish....I think; my mom and dad named her) she was sixteen years old in human years (4 years older than me!!!) when she died. A lot of times it seemed like she was a human inside a dog's body. It feels like her being in the first twelve years of my life just wasn't enough...... To Melcocha: Where ever your kind soul went, i hope it brings you peace and love. Love you, Cocha. --Nati.

Sweet Memories (Good-Bye)

Years ago was when your eyes touched mine,

Your pupils large round spheres of chocolate.

Sweet was your love like honey,

Your loyalty resilient.


So many Christmas trees you sat by,

So many birthdays you were at.

You grew old,

And then grew blind.

My voice no longer reached your ears,

And your steps gradually grew slower.


The days soon blew away like sand,

But I still held your withered hand,

Until your soul was free.

The skies were grey and bleak,


 And smiles were strained and weak.

Sorrow fell like snow,

Becoming crystal tears on our cheeks.

Though your footsteps are no longer heard

In our house,

Though we cannot touch you,


Your soul is the air that tastes sweet.

Your love is the rain gracing over our skin.

And your happiness is the sun in our eyes,

Warming our hearts every day.

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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