Take a Walk With Me (pt.2)


Take a Walk With Me (pt.2)

Look into these eyes, how well can you swim?
I’ll take you on a journey, hope you don’t drown in them
Empty out your pockets & the troubles in your mind
On this kind of path my friend it’s best to travel light
Take a walk with me into the shadows of Hell
Walk with me, come sit a spell
I’ve got Fear by the balls, its demons as well
Take a walk with me into the caverns I fell

Never mind the serpents that the tall grass can hide
Their poison isn’t pretty but it’s all in the mind 
I want you to come with me, see an old friend of mine
It’s name is eternity, it burns in your eyes!

Never mind the warnings, all those lies on the wall
The sulfur and brimstone serves to terrify you all
Just follow your instincts, but first look where they’re bound
Cause self-assured footsteps can often lead to rocky ground
I never thought catastrophe would start like it did
The pain in hurricanes, decimating everything 
But it took me from being hostage of my life to prison guard
And by the time that I’m gone you won’t even see the scars
So take a walk with me

Now that we’re seated, there’s no Devils Deal
I won’t ask your allegiance and then make your dreams real
This was a tour through the darkest of days 
To show that all that you feared never mattered anyway

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Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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