Take This Letter


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    Take This Letter

    You hurt Me over and over,
    and I stayed in the streets following.
    You were once devoted to Me,
    but then I felt your mind hollowing.

    I could've shamed you before all your friends,
    but I kept your secrets silent.
    Your reasoning to give into sensual pleasures has,
    for a while, kept Me quiet.

    When I take everything away
    I want you to truly understand why.
    I guided you into many disgusting and dangerous places,
    and endured your solemn "good-bye".

    The doors shut were purposely unnumbered,
    because your shame should've been owned in every unnerving moan.
    I needed you to understand my thoughts,
    so I talked and nagged you all the way home.

    I heard you leave again last night/early this morning,
    but I won't search for you this time.
    Maybe someday you will come back atoning
    with a fully committed mind.

    Even if you didn't ever listen -
    I hope you hear me now.
    If you don't feel My presence again,
    then it was you that casted Me down.

    Your cries are now faint,
    because you have chosen the self gratifying road to abuse.
    You will not find Me where you are
    when you need My arms to hold on to you.

    After all I've done,
    the blows you've given are is so very odd.
    But I still love you and will welcome you, if you come back.
    Signed, The Almighty God.

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    phatdaddee commented on Take This Letter


    Excellent poem! Kept me rapt and thats not easy! Keep writing Bro! Good Job!

    bluewolf commented on Take This Letter


    First, that baby is beautiful! The emotional appeal of this poem is impressive. We live in illusion most of our lives, walking the line between narcissism and egotistical self-gratification. The last line ties up each word into a nice neat package that represents God and his undying forgiveness. Well done.

    deja commented on Take This Letter


    wow i was really feelin that ur flow is hot

    PoeticMind commented on Take This Letter


    very nicely said and stated!

    alexis5366 commented on Take This Letter



    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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