Taken by a stranger...


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    I wrote this after little Somer Thompson's body was found. It just breaks my heart that these things go on.

    Taken by a stranger...

    Somethings seriously wrong

    How does this continue to go on?


    All you have to do is to turn on the news

    It seems every day...

    Another child is gone


    Vanished, missing, lost

    Taken by a stranger...


    Leaving loved ones wondering why?

    No rest for their tortured minds


    Their hearts breaking

    The ultimate pain of not knowing


    All consuming-

    Thoughts of what your precious child is going through


    How do you continue on each day?

    When it seems nothing will ever be okay?


    Some are reunited with their children

    Even after long years have passed...


    Some never get to know

    Not forgotten...but never coming back...


    Others are shattered by the news

    When their beloved child's body is found...


    It's not supposed to be this way

    Predators out there walking around


    Preying on our children

    Who should be safe to run, laugh and play


    Especially in their own neighborhood

    Day after day...

    Dedicated to all the missing children and their families

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    countrypoet commented on Taken by a stranger...


    It is very sad and heartbreaking that we live in an age when there are so many of these monsters,who prey on innocent children.Like you said in the poem,children should be safe to run,play and laugh and experience the joys of being a child.They are being robbed of the best moments of their lives by having to live in fear of being abducted by these monsters.Thank you for sharing this compassionate and understanding viewpoint on such a sad and heartbreaking subject.



    It's such a shame...thanks Terry

    Mareann commented on Taken by a stranger...


    This poem needs to read by all. Our children are not safe anymore, no matter they are. I hope to help get the laws changed, in regards to sexual preditors. I have written several letters to my congressman, I will keep writing until they are sick of reading them.. We must work together on this. Great Job, write on and on and on. Mareann

    Kary commented on Taken by a stranger...


    Here is a poem I wrote tonight, just wanted to share ;) http://www.originalpoetry.com/myaccount/poem/98112

    almartin1993 commented on Taken by a stranger...


    i was kidnapped a while ago when i was much younger, i knew the fright of being there with some one, and you don't know if they are there to kill you or to use you, you don't know the next step, or if you'll ever get to go ,home, you think only if he will let me go i will walk home no matter how far just give me headstart, ill walk the whole way, no cops are to be involved, i promise i wont speak i swear, i give you my word, but then they never let you go, they, stare for a moment and look at you and say no... see it all takes courage, being kidnapped, while i was there i taught my self to live minute by minute, staring at a still object. never looking up at them, thank you for posting this brings out my strength..



    I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through something as horrible as being kidnapped. I am so glad that you were one of the lucky ones that got to go back home to you family. I hope they caught the one that did that.

    bcougar71 commented on Taken by a stranger...


    So moving.....I genuinly know the hurt and loss of a child abducted...Thank you for posting



    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment

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