Tears From the Sky


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My first poem of the rain. I still love the rain. August still, I believe. Not sure.

Tears From the Sky

Flowing down like tears
No restraints, no fears
No reason to stop at all
It just continues to fall

Listen to it as it beats
Down like little tiny feet
Dancing merrily on rooftops
Showing no signs it'll ever stop

The skies are so very gray
They call this a gloomy day
The sun cannot shine through
To bring smiles to m and you

The Tears of God they told me
Long ago in my childhood history
But now as I stand and watch it come
Falling drops in innumerable sums

But strangely through the gloom
When allowing my soul to be consumed
Tears of misery are not what I feel
But a happiness that seems unreal

Through all the pain the world does give
Through everything we cannot forgive
With all you'll lose and never gain
God sends His loving rain

It cleanses me in a dark beauty
Wshing my tears so completely
Forgiving my sins so far in the past
And the ones I know should always last

The gray discolors the world I see
Bringing in shadows of mystery
The rain explores the darkness unknown
Feeling things that cannot be shown

And in these tears of sadnnes so true
Cleasning my soul completely through
Now I stand in the Tears of God above
Clean and pure and bathed in His love

I wonder why people despise the rain
That could, if you let it, cure the pain
Instead they hide in the shadows, so dark
Ignoring the offering to clean their heart

With all the pains and fears of life
Rain so pure, could remove all strife
But then again, it could also be true
Rain could hold God's sorrow, too 

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ClearlySays commented on Tears From the Sky


Loved this! Especially the way it built momentum towards the end. A beautiful message of forgiveness and acceptance of the forces in life we can't change. The last line really was the best.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

Unknown Source

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