tears on the inside do not dry


tears on the inside do not dry

I have tears on the inside,
tears that will only dry
when you pass,
when you die.

The reason is not simple you see.
to tell you is hard for me.
For you will beleave I am crazed,
but see my spirit you'll be amazed.
For soon to come is the end of days.

I have a destiny,
that is hard for me. 
A prophet I am to be.
I have lived many times
waiting, watching, plotting.
I am a prophet of doom and sorrow,
to warn you of no tommorrow.

What you beleave is not real,
the god you love, your soul he'll steal.
Tricked long ago, in a book written by him,
this book you love, this book of sin.

Devour your soul,
this is his role,
pay as he commands,
pay his toll,
give him your soul.
You must pledge you soul to god
do not worry,
just nod...

I warn against this,
thus my message you dismiss.
For true divinity has no form,
asks for nothing but the norm.
It is all things and nothing,
but you need a face, you need something.
This is why the serpent wrote your book,
your tiny souls he took.

He cares not if you love each other,
or stab one another,
only that you are torn asunder.
Do not practice magic,
it is real, sometimes tragic.
Worship no other before me,
what about this can you not see?

I try to save you,
but you are a tool.
Give you something new,
stupid human, silly fool.
For the earth, and the trees,
the grass, and the breeze,
the tears, and the rain,
the fears, and the pain.
Ideas, and memories,
animals, and remedies.
Soldiers and kings,
artists and thieves,
the stars and the sky,
I try and I try,
to get you to see,
that which is true divinity.

But you are ignorant,
and I am crazed,
but it is I who will stand tall,
when it is the end of days,
and your will souls fall.
My tears will dry in your ashes,
and I no longer will cry for the masses.
For my warning and worry for you
will be no more, the world made new.

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sk8erpoet commented on tears on the inside do not dry


awesome write.....its so powerful and it is really the truth...great poem....sk8

Chaos128 commented on tears on the inside do not dry


KK this is REALLY amazing work! My hat’s off to you and your limitless potential. Subject matter might be a little dodgy… but that’s only because it’s the first time I’ve ever heard a kid say: “When I grow up, I wanna be the Anti-Christ." ha ha

BringMeBullets commented on tears on the inside do not dry


The rhyme scheme of this is amazing. And the way that you put thoughts to words is something beyond me... This is great. I love your descriptions. They are certainly beyond your years. Thank you for sharing. This is lovely.

rougepriest commented on tears on the inside do not dry


and your will souls fall.-----and your souls, will fall and I no longer will cry for the masses.----...will no longer cry ..... to tell you is hard for me.----to tell it to you, is hard for me thats all i could find Kage otherwise excellent work! nice message hard to sell to the unwise.........i hear ya

here4now commented on tears on the inside do not dry


Excellent write I am astounded by your depth and subject matter for your age. Amazing job. The only criticism I could offer to make this piece stronger is to correct a few spelling errors; the word believe in particulatr Awesome job however.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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