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    Alright this one is kind of crazy and long.  Very inspired by Ishmael, and some of my other perspectives.  There is a lot going on here, what could I be saying?  Do not get hung up on the bird part, just think about the similarity between both cases, and what humans are doing that is comparable.  There are many examples.  Think about adaptation.  You needn't a huge understanding of evolution, but please ask questions for whatever reason.

    Tell Me This!

    Tell me this!
    Why must we stand
    for profits gained
    ahead of lives saved?

    Tell me this!
    I'm not talking about your life,
    his life, or her life
    I'm talking about life!

    Tell me this!
    Why do we have technology
    for the solar and hydrogen philosophy
    that's halted til it can fill our pockets
    with this blasphemy we call money?

    Tell me this!
    Why do we take the work of the gods
    into our own, appropriating
    it with our own agendas as if
    we know its' true purpose?

    Tell me this!
    Why do we think evolution
    promotes ONE any thing?
    Is there ONE condition on this planet?
    Is there ONE species on this planet?
    Is there ONE obstacle on this planet?
    No?  Then why do you force it to be so?

    Why tell the bird in Africa
    to shrink it's beak to get
    your food instead of his?

    Why tell the penguin to fly
    to your food source?
    Why must we control who
    lives and dies, and who passes on their genes?

    Alas, I got it!
    To control, to control, to CONTROL!
    Show them only how to get your food
    and kill those in competition.

    What happens when an organism
    with the knowledge as
    little as the bacteria
    takes on the work of the gods?

    What happens when this organism
    tells everything there's one way to live
    and that way is his?

    I TELL YOU THIS:  De-evolution... One species will rise, the only left.

    Finally, TELL ME!
    Will he eat himself, or perhaps his cash?
    No? Then he better let the gods handle evolution
    and give himself back to them.

    To speciation, to differentiation.

    Once again becoming earth's
    care leaver
    Instead of earth's
    care taker.

    Evolution never stops, we are one spot.
    Like differences between cells of the body;
    they still have the same unifying code.
    We are the code of the planet.
    Different, but still, the same.

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    mamasan commented on Tell Me This!


    Yes, that is why we say move on and open the windows and let 'change' enter so it may air out all those prisms of deception. Wow, you have touched on something which we are witnessing every day and my question is: How ocme? Perhaps, I discern some attempts to answer this grave question; but my fearing mind only sees the shadows.......I seem to have lost the perception....and that may be the dilemma...... Write on write on and let your words prick the thingy we call 'the concious where justice reigns'; for sure you have with your words prodded the conciousness within the niche I keep for special memories.........



    this is a fact of life that just makes me sick. we are so limited and enslaved by our own illusory creation: money, and expansion (our invisible lines). we do not think about what damage we do to the planet, and all for some paper?!?! come on!!!

    Lolee commented on Tell Me This!


    Spoken like a one who has absolutely know knowledge of God or His Word, which has all the answers. Albeit, the poem is NOT too long, nor is it boring. I liked it a lot.



    im a bit confused from this comment. if god has the answers and you are one with him, why cant you yourself tell me? i dont think these are issues that should be dismissed



    and im saying we should not exert our control over the planet like we know what the gods have planned for it. We all underestimate the balances they have set in place to promote our well being.

    wheelsal commented on Tell Me This!


    You certainly have a very profound thought and it is very well identified and said. My idea of poetry is show it, don't tell it. Try to do more of this, like you do in v 6,7. Hope you are ok with my comments because I like this a lot.



    i like your idea, and my other friend on this site has the same opinion of my stuff. well he says i need it to hit you in the gut, which, i feel, is more or less what you are saying. i will try, but im awful with words, and this poem is admittingly scattered. almost wanted it that way, just to put out a lot of problems i have with humans on the table. thank you and i appreciate your time :)

    devaamido commented on Tell Me This!


    It's not too long. I think it may be a little too ambitious to take on in one piece of work, that's what makes it seem scattered, not the length. None-the-less the poet's feelings about these matters are very clear. I thing you could tighten it up by organizing it around a "central purpose" or "idea" or "feeling". Nice ideas!

    Tempestlady commented on Tell Me This!


    Studies show that petry dishes that were prayed on didn't grow as much isease as those tht were treated with antibiotics. Maybe those single cell organisms have heir place in the circle after all. Why? Because they think they know best, why? because t control is to have power. Why? The eager beaver wants to be first, to own, to rule. None of this has anything to do wih purpose, love, or empathy. Great write.



    haha ya you seem to have this one i think. im glad someone could get something from it. i dunno about the praying thing and whom your saying knows best, cuz it seemed like your talkin about the bacteria... i would say they dont have a place in the circle if they think they know the best.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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