Thank you Dad, Part 2


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    Poem Commentary

    It's one thing to be a daddy's girl, but it's something really special to be a daughter's father. I love you Dad. 

    Thank you Dad, Part 2

    Between us there are hundreds of miles

    But that doesn't stop the thousands of smiles

    Within my heart the love for my father

    And blessed was the day I became his daughter

    The years have past and I have grown

    But your love will be the best I've ever known

    Your not just my dad, but also my best friend

    Whom on which I can always depend

    At times my life gets rough

    And sometimes my efforts are not enough

    But you never stop believing in me

    And guide me to where I need to be

    Achieving all my dreams becomes real

    Because you have no doubt that I will

    Words can never describe

    The eternal gratitude and pride

    Many thanks now, forever and before

    For the father that I truly adore

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    DeepEclipse commented on Thank you Dad, Part 2


    Damn its good to see relationships like this still exist.

    syd811 commented on Thank you Dad, Part 2


    great and touching poem all filled with love and emotion.keep the spirit high u rock.

    amandatwinkles commented on Thank you Dad, Part 2


    you have a wonderful relationship with you father.

    alexissexiest commented on Thank you Dad, Part 2


    awwwww i luv this poem. it seriously brought tears to my eyes

    babylee commented on Thank you Dad, Part 2


    Dis reminds me of my dad I like dis peom allot. Thanx 4 sharing

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