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    Poem Commentary

    This is a family poem dedicated to that look of love. To be proud of.

    That Look

    Why are you looking at me like that
    Often I've heard those words
    Many times I have answered
    That smile on your face

    I'm looking at the white tee shirt
    Blue Levi Jeans and you
    I'm looking at the man
    That won my heart

    I'm looking at you
    My children my life
    A gift from God just for me to love
    To raise be proud of
    I am glad I did

    I'm looking at the family
    That brought me so much Joy
    I'm looking at a man I'm proud of
    Who gave me his heart

    Now I'm looking at you my grandchild
    Just like I looked at them
    I look at you because I care
    I'm so proud of you

    I want you to remember
    When I am no longer here
    I look at you because I love you
    I'm so proud of you

    Remember always how much I care
    Remember how proud I am of you
    Someday  I'll be gone
    Look up with a smile I'll see you
    I'll be looking down at you
    To say I love you
    With a smile upon my face

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    RHPeat commented on That Look


    Well this is the offering that is needed to uplift the importance of a child. I have to say it's a bit over done but most definitely well done in the sense that not of enough of it has been done in the past. Many a child has grown up un-loved and that Betty is a shame. This is a blessing to your grand-child if nothing else to have such a grandmother. Hooora! A poet friend//RH Peat

    Forestbird commented on That Look


    It is so nise to meet somebody like you here. Wonderfull poem

    kdarcy commented on That Look


    Doesn't get any better than this, you are blessed, be well

    kkirkwood commented on That Look


    It's great to be blessed with a family that you can be proud of.

    jyothi commented on That Look


    Simple way of expressing love. Everyone's bonded around you.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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