The Answers to My Questions


  • smartrissa
  • what happend to people you can trust? the closest thing i get to a best friend is the pack of ciggarettes in my purse.... messed up!

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i've lost the love of my life and i have lost so many friends...

The Answers to My Questions

How do you keep going when you have nothing left?

How do you continue on when you have no reason to?

What do you do when you love someone, but they don’t love you back?

 How do you move on from that?

How do you ignore the lies you hear?

Why do I try to trust them when all they do is hurt me?

Why did I say that a second chance can help? Cause it didn’t!

I want to cry more than anything, but I’m not going to. Tears are just excuses to be weak.

I’m losing reasons to keep going.


Why did this happen to me?

Why can’t I seem to have a love that is pure and true?

Why questions are flooding my mind. They have taken over.

There is no reason to try anymore.

School is just an excuse to say you did something in life.

So what is the point in doing it anymore?

I love someone with all of my heart, but he doesn’t love me.

I don’t cry anymore… it doesn’t help so why do it?

Life was so wonderful.. what happened?

Where did it go?

More and more and more questions  come… yet I can’t find any answers.

Questions.. just questions.. no answers… where did they go?

Where are the answers to my questions?

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amithissecret commented on The Answers to My Questions


all great questions. not sure many people have the answers to these im going to read a few more of your poems kay

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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