The Arrow


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In honor of our friend StandingBear

The Arrow

The Arrow

With the twang of the bow an arrow takes flight

it pierces the sky as it soars out of sight

strong oaken shaft with a razor sharp tip

golden feathers to guide it on its mysterious trip


Through clouds it presses onward climbing higher and higher

 over land over sea spewing a trail of Greek fire

far below its shadow can be seen as it passes

green valleys, deep rivers and low lying morasses


Twenty days and twenty nights it remains true to its course

many miles has it traveled with a true moral force

many have seen it pass by on its path through the grey skies

all wondering and wondering of its final demise


In an instant it slows and begins its decent

as if all energy behind it has finally been spent

it spirals downward and downward its shining tip all aglow

Its destination it appears a high desert plateau


On the sand in the desert a single Indian stands guard

looking upward from land that has been pitifully scarred  

he watches for something… no one is sure what

his hands shade his eyes that seem never to shut


The arrow slices downward gathering speed and more speed

the Indian watches hopefully next to a patch of scorpion weed

the arrow strikes the earth and disappears neath its dry crust

sand and rocks spewing upward in a mountain of dust


Minutes pass and all is quiet until the earth starts to groan

and then a gusher of water to the heavens is thrown

the arid desert turns fertile and crops begin to grow

the Indian dances and chants giving thanks to he who bestows


An ancient ritual? Perhaps, but only the spirit really knows


©Copyright 2009 Charlie Gragg 

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gogant commented on The Arrow


The pain is seen in the Indian's eyes, but not the meaning of why it must have to be...does any of us know for sure why ? Lots of metaphors, my good man.............................................g



Thanks for your read and your comments. I appreciate it.

lunamarie commented on The Arrow


Dear Hampton, (excited) wow! ... there were so many parts and things that I liked! ... you are a real poet, yes? ... this must have won something ... I hope ... Luna p.s. so nice for Standingbear



That is very nice of you. I thank you for reading and commenting.

MSVanallen commented on The Arrow


What a story teller you are! That is one of the many reasons I continue to visit your work. Great stories told with so much imagry and description it just takes you there...and then leaves you with something to ponder. Thank you! MSV



I appreciate your visits to my work and your always insightful comments.

lostalive77 commented on The Arrow


i love this! your structure and the images.i felt as though i could see it happening!



Thank you very much.

devaamido commented on The Arrow


Nice imagery, Hamp... pretty good for kid from Coffeyville. That arrow probably came from Pittsburg! LOL Ya hadda be there!



Didn't you know that Coffeyville is the mecca for all aspiring poets? And Pittsburg? Your dead right about that. Many thanks.

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