The Ballot or the Bullet of X


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    The Ballot or the Bullet of X

    Speaking the words of truth. 
    Not as an American or a patriot. 
    This flag is not My flag, I don't 
    Speak as a cherisher of that piece of cloth. 
    Though I speak as a victim. 
    A victim of the American system. 
    Speaking as a victim for all 
    Victims of the regime. 
    Though you perceive it as the dream. 
    As I know it as a nightmare. 
    So choose; The ballot
    Or the bullet? X marks the spot.

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    kmooney commented on The Ballot or the Bullet of X


    Sorry BJ, I have to differ with you hear. Although I don't always like the system, I respect it. I think we need to band together to change it. The Flag, however, is a cherished symbol and I, for one, would never choose to live anywhere but the good 'ole US of A. To choose to live anywhere else is playing Russion Roulette. I don't always like the hand that's dealt but I would much rather sit at this table then someone elses. You're young. Trust me, things could be a lot worse. Read my poems What Would It Be Like, Andrew Michael MCclure and Good 'Old Glory. Out Flag is the greatest and most trusted thing this country has going for it. Many have died to preserve it's honor. That's my opinion. Thanks for sharing... K



    I'll respect your love towards the flag, but, & please don't think I'm going off on you because I'm not lol, do you even know what the colors mean, or who was the first creator of the flag? We live in a country that waves our flag more so than any country, yet we don't even know our flags TRUE history. The myths of Betsy Ross creating our flag just seems to be a weird phenomenon on how so many believe in that story, yet, even ask your history teacher, it's only a myth that can't be proven. Same thing goes to the colors of the flag. We just made up the BS reasons of the colors because we don't know the real meaning. Creators of the flags were slave owners, & whether you like it or not, our founding fathers were slave-owning sexists. I can't be proud of a flag that was made under such cruel history. People can believe that Betsy Ross was the creator of the flag, people can believe that Christopher Columbus didn't slaughter indians & took them as slaves because he couldn't find gold, people can believe that George Washington was our first president. People can even believe that Helen Keller was just a girl who learned how to live being blind & deaf, & not a political leader of the Socialist movement at that time. So many people don't know their TRUE history. People just choose to listen to everything that's in their text books, despite it being censored to where we have false good guys & false bad guys. Gotta love America, right? lol

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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