The Bat


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    Poem Commentary

    This poem is based on a true event as told to me by a friend who had an unexpected night visitor.  Seems fitting for the upcoming holiday. Enjoy :D

    The Bat

    Once upon a moment rare
    a flying mammal in despair,
    did meet a maiden not so fair
    who kicked his tiny derriere.
    The bat had wandered in one night
    into her home from lack of sight,
    and caused her fright, she thought he’d bite,
    so chose blind rage to set things right.
    By bashing him about the room
    with wild swats of stinging broom
    she dazed then flushed him down the hole
    into the plumbing beyond the bowl.
    As lack of air did take its toll
    and freed his drowning little soul,
    this nature’s wonder of the night
    alas was dead by morning light.
    But very soon did cause a stink
    and popped out from the kitchen sink
    to give one pause and make one think
    You can’t keep a good bat down the drink.
    Yes it was wrong to cause him pain
    then send him swirling down the drain.
    For now his little ghost shall glare
    from toilet seats and faucetware,
    to haunt the maiden not so fair,
    who kicked his tiny derriere,
    he’ll seek revenge for what she’s done
    for getting flushed is just not fun.
    And in the end he’ll make her pay
    I mean that in a literal way,
    she’ll rue the night she picked that fight
    as teeth find butt and sink in tight
    his ghost will taste of victory sweet
    as she runs screaming from the seat
    with moral set to this story;
    When bats fly in… just let them be.

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    sevyn7 commented on The Bat


    oh this was so great, I was laughing out loud all the way through, you have made me a fan for sure.

    devaamido commented on The Bat


    FUNNY!!! Congratulations, D. You've set a new standard for ecologically friendly writing, by moving it from the dreary to the hysterically funny! A public service miracle!!

    Crush commented on The Bat


    fun, fun stuff...i love the way the poem is about the two of fabulous stuff...thank you.

    earthly commented on The Bat


    neat story-Ive had that same situation-but the bat made it back outside with some coaxing....Earthly

    soulwriter commented on The Bat


    I couldn't let this bat story be - for it was way to FUNNY! Well done my friend, I needed that!!! That BAT

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