The Cage and Madness of Darkness


  • Meldarth

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I couldn't just leave Darkness alone.......I had continue this painting of words and see where it goes......

The Cage and Madness of Darkness

Silenced for these last few months,
Unable to move,
My body,

Became my cage,
Darkness the slavemaster,
Coming and going as it pleases,

Feasting on my growing madness,
Screams which no one dare hears,
Voice and body gone,

Nothing left but my mind,
That itself slowly turning,
On itself,

Hours upon hours,
I run in my mind,
Attempting to find anything to help,

No problem I couldn't solve before,
But darkness had other plans,
Each day its tendrils move closer,

Knowing if I'm caught,
That will be the end of me,
My soul truly consumed,

Allowing darkness what it wants,
It will stop at nothing to get it,
Fighting with all my might,

This is my body,
Vacating I will not do,
Nor will I surrender,

Finally clouds begin to clear,
Shackles which I created fall,
Can I find the console,

Why not?
This is my mind after all,
A biomechanical machine,

Darkness follows,
Thwarting my efforts,
Every turn, every try,

One day even darkness is surprised,
Family gathered all around,
Words come and go;

The doctor comes,
Claiming I'm dead,
No hope left,

It is time to turn off the machines,
Machines that give me life,
Breathing for my broke body,

Racing through my mind,
Finally I crash into a glass wall,

Edge of my sanity,
Beginning of the darkness's kingdom,
I pound the glass with all my might,

"If you keep these walls,
You will die with me!!!"
Suddenly as those words shouted,

Glass in front of me shatters,
Console of my mind before me,
Pressing buttons,

Anything to show I'm still here,
My body twitches,
Doctors simple say its nervous system;

Nothing more,
Roaring with frustration,
Words begin to appear on the console,

There's a big red button,
Emergency only,

If there was ever a time,
Now certainly is an emergancy,
Slamming my hand down,

Button activated,
A single tear flows,
Then another,

My eyes move slowly,
Locking onto my family,
Finally; they see,

Peering into the cage,
Seeing past the darkness,
Into the madness,

The captain is still at the helm of this ship,
Grabbing the doctor,
Pointing and shouting,

"Doc, Doc; tears, and he looked at me;
No he looked at all of us,
He is still there,"

Signing the doctor pulls out his light,
Clicking it on,
The light nearly blinds me,

I push more buttons,
Nothing happens,
Until that faintful moment,

Doctor flashes my eyes again,
Like an old machine finally firing up,
My eyes react,

Everyone holding their breath,
Taking a step back,
With a small smile,

"There is some response,
He could still be there,
But how much I don't know,"

For the first time in an eternity,
Darkness hides,

Beacon is lit,
I can follow it home,
Hope flares to life,

Only one problem remains,
Just one small problem,
How the hell do I run this machine,

Darkness laughs,
Knowing I haven't won yet,
Smiling I sit down in front of the console and begin to learn anew.

Clinton Trapp '13

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