The City Rendered


  • Evil

    The City Rendered

    The softened lamp light casting it's irredesant hue upon the nylon stockings of the ladies chatting at a nearby cafe. A man stands just in the shadow of the corner lamp, he strains to hear amid the rustling of leaves.

    He hired me to follow unseen and out of sight. The way he seemed to wheez as he spoke of her. There was longing and desire hidden in his voice. An unnatural seething escaping under duress as if the truth plans to slip past the boundries of vocabulary contrived to convince.

    What have I become, a tool of vengence, seeking out weakness and fraility for his advantage. I loath this thing I've leeched into without dignity, or shame. He has done this, making me slither unnoticed past civilzation, redisent to melt into the night. There, he lost consentration nearly speaking her name. I must comprise my disappearance escaping past the city walls while revealing his true nature for even the blind to see.

    I slipped the message into a lower pocket of the overcoat nearest her, I wait untill she begins the half laughter of saying their good bye's to raise no suspicions and set the direction of less resistance. I can hear his lust and anticapation of his conquest invading the ancient notions of knighthood he desired and failed to accomplished much more than he could admit.

    Failure wasn't afforded to his kind, covering up, quelling any attempt to reveal the plot of acheiving a better postion to sercumvent the truth. His groveling minions rushing to and fro tying up his loose ends. He is clueless to the trap I set for his demise and destruction. His kind and their mindset lessens the progress of humanity. Presenting his solutions to render the last glowing brightness of hope to fleeting memories. 

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    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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