lady godiva


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just an observational poem about a woman. i created a back story from Oz.. lol

lady godiva


sitting across the cafe
drinking what appeared to be a latte
i caught her eye

she looked like an aging porn star
from some site i visited on some lonely night
she looked up from her paper
as i wrestled with my documents
                 all hurried, busy and blurry

she looked at me and i could see that she was pretty
even through the war paint she used to fill in the cracks
                from previous battles
she looked at me and i could see that she was pretty
even through her chipped lipstick
and even though vulgarity was beginning to stain her teeth

she smiled at me
i smiled a wide smile back 
 to  acknowledge her effort

she still wants to be pretty
even though the reasons differ now
                from when she was younger


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EyesOfRain commented on lady godiva


This is wonderful! I know so many beautiful women like this. Life is not always easy on us but for a man to appreciate our beauty is a desire us girls will never outgrow. I think you captured this thought so well. Love it.



thank you so much. my heart is jumping at your praise.

lisaner commented on lady godiva


Thought provoking story indeed- What a good ending!! She still wants to be pretty/even though the reasons differ now/from when she was younger.



thank you, lisaner. i appreciate your time and critique.

bklynrizz commented on lady godiva


"even through the war paint she used to fill in the cracks from previous battles"...I like this line. I can see the face of a women who had a tough go at life forcing a smile hoping it like her makeup will cover up her pain. Nice write.



pretty much the vibe i was going for. this is somewhat of a departure from my usual haunts. thank you very much.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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