The coming storm


  • Confusion

    The coming storm

    The  horizon is a varied shade of yellow, orange, and burning red
    humid, it sweats your pores dry
    For the feeling of hell is overshadowed your shadow
    Concrete breaking beneath your weakened knees

    For this surely is your bitter end?
    It's just the beginning of a long drawn out plan
    To mess with your mind and to make your mind shriek
    For now shelter is what you've surcomb to seek

    A charcoal blackened sky appears over the hills
    Lighting striking down to the innocent earth
    Sparking wicked fires to burn the sinners
    Jaw dropping chaos consumes from all around

    Still incoherent a white light flashes before your dazed eyes
    CLAP! the thunder awakens you from your stupor
    A way to escape is a must
    For your escape will be a bust

    Left to wander coherently through the burning flesh
    Feeling all the hot ash of earth between your withering feet
    For what is this toll that has been cast upon me
    No one surely knows my answers

    Water I must find to survive
    There is nothing in sight except gallons of badly burned blood
    Unbearable are the burning corpses
    Pungent smell of death wraps its smell around my face

    Carrying on isn't a question
    Suddenly the charcoal sky is blue
    For why is this, I must be dreaming
    For it was just a flash of light I was seeing

    Forever lost to wander about little thoughts
    About yesterday, today, and tomorrow I almost became lost
    In the powers of the charcoal sky
    Never living life and just standing by

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    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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