The conquest.....


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    The conquest.....



    Torment, through my scapula the sword went

    Blood seeps from the core in torrents

    Such a moment in my thought begets my parlance

    As my flesh is blushed in painted atonement.

    Hell sent this random act of enjoyment

    The beautiful death, a portent, I caused it

    I need to break this link, erasing all of it

    Leaving only truth in the moment of the pantheon convent.

    There lays a cornice, tilted and stained

    The name blotted out by the blood on the frame

    A deluge swoops in uncovering the shame

    King, your breath no longer sustains

    Once a great warrior, in that you reigned

    Supreme, above all gladiators in vain

    Now you rest in the midst of the flame

    You shall be remembered and forgotten the same.

    I cannot break contain from this plane

    Plain and simple, this should not be my claim

    I was the bringer of rain, this was my fame

    Tame, how quaint it all fades away

    Such as the light of day when my heart spilled

    Decaying residue rots out my vessel

    I am only a soulless remnant, it’s official

    I release myself to admit my subtle vigil.

    In this moment, I stood astute

    With sword in hand, standing over a brute

    Kneeled down with head high waiting for his due

    The beautiful death, I witnessed in rue

    To the roar of the crowd and the dominus command

    Why did I experience…I don’t understand

    The coliseum littered with blood stained sand

    I am actually the victor, visions condescend

    In a contradicting fashion, should I force my hand

    Down upon this brute, this Jinn of man?

    For the sword speaks riddles in blood when it can

    My knees buckle, legs shake, cannot stand

    The screams grow louder in my hesitation

    I retract the blade, death’s manifestation

    The brute looks back in eyes of confusion

    “What is this?” he asked, “an illusion?”

    “Strike me dead, give me my death”

    I smiled, he smiled back, I cannot yet

    See certain things in life are sacred, I wept

    Taking your life is like taking my own in one step

    I picked him up, face to face we intercept

    It’s funny how the mirror warrants such effects…

    My conquest…

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    Allseasonsverse commented on The conquest.....


    Captivating, and compelling, Altair, this is done with a master of quality that stands a cut above, Kudos my friend!

    lastyl commented on The conquest.....


    all I can say is BRILLIANT!! WOW! Great Work......................



    thank you lastyl, your comment is gravely appreciated...

    dreamscape commented on The conquest.....


    damn, damn, damn!!! You received a smile from ear to ear in reference to this one altair....such a wonderful story, yet not a story at all but a look inside yourself in recognition of a different level of your consciousness. I was totally wrapped up in every line, on the edge of my seat wondering how it would end. to no avail, it ended in true altair style, wonderfully and unexpected. Wow!!!



    thank you so much dreamscape, your comments are awesome, not just because you think I am good, but you give good perspective to be noticed.

    WordSlinger commented on The conquest.....


    Altair, why have you been afar, so now you are here on Op, so shine, Altair, ty WS

    redbloodink commented on The conquest.....


    this was a ten..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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