The Creative Process


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The Creative Process

The Creative Process

Somewhere deep in the inner caverns of the brain

neurons are stirring and activity seems to be of the making.

Signals to synapses are tested to determine receptivity.

Chemicals arouse and flood cranial cavities.

Blurred images begin to form but are to dim to distinguish.

Colors flash as if some giant storm could be forthcoming.

Neurotransmitters wrapped in synaptic vesicles

 fire off warning signals awakening sleeping dendrites.

A wave of electrochemical excitation pulses through the brain.

 Messages are relayed to all senses to standby.

Molecules respond by opening nearby ion channels.

Infinitesimal sparks and whiffs of smoke increase in number.

The eyes, still closed, begin to flutter as if struggling to open.

Fingertips twitch slightly as electrical impulses arrive.

Inner images are now clearer and begin to bond.

The hand moves slowly to the nearby pen

finally grasping it as if desperate to begin.

Markings now appear on the tablet in rapid succession.

The brain is engaging now throttling up to speed.

Words take form and create lines, one after the other.

    Noradrenalin and endorphins bring the mind to a critical frenzy.

Finally in a climax of the postsynaptic cell membrane.

The mind gives birth to an embryonic but exquisite poem  

The creative process begins to subside

 Order once again returns to the chambers of the mind  

And the poet rests

©Copyright 2009 Charlie Gragg

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SpiritSong commented on The Creative Process


Well...this certainly puts "Intelligent Design and the fact of Obvious Orderly Arrangement into a clear perspective! Everything created has a divine and clear Order and Function...thank you my brother for expressing it so vividly in this poetic arrangement of Divinely thought out systematic Order, and Intended function....He sure knows what He's doing a my brother?..Great write my good friend.."SpiritSong"



Thank you for reading and your kind comments.

jademelissa74 commented on The Creative Process


You have deciphered the cognitive mental process which, through analytic and synthetic operations, abstracting and generalizing some, even obtaining products under the form of an idea, concept or judgement; we the so called poets, have been reeled in to enjoy the process of creativity. :)) You are amazingly talented.



And you my dear are not only a very talented poet but you are also a very nice lady. Thanks.

cottoncandi commented on The Creative Process


This is a very creative piece of work that displays all the characteristics of a true poet very nice



Thank you I enjoyed writing it.

BraveMoon commented on The Creative Process


As a medical professional, a scientist, someone who has established the Left and Right brain balance within, I dig this balladry. O'st'



Thanks I appreciate your reading and commenting

dahlusion commented on The Creative Process


A victorious piece depicting the rising and falling of the creative process by way of the floating imagination's never-ending craving for creation. A stimulating read!



Thanks vry much Dah

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