The Crow


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I wrote this poem in October 1998. Now that we are deep into Fall again, I thought it would be a good time to bring it out and share it here with my new friend on OP. The Crow recounts an early morning drive through the woods I took to get to the home of an elderly lady I was caring for at the time as an agency nurse. I thought the atmosphere when I arrived was rather sinister and, in my mind, I was trying to bring about good results for the sick old lady. In the poem I attempted to ward off the negative energy surrounding her little house. Hope you can feel that.

The Crow

Thick and damp October air

Crouched heavy on the grass 

Charcoal eyes threw solemn stare

On those who dared to pass 

The old oak rose from foggy dawn

Her elbows jagged the sky

A bold crow spoke in gargled tone

In summons from on high

Enchanted Chorus of the crow

What little beauty gained

Your time unfolds in tales of woe

You lurk where demons reigned

You cry to mourn the night that passed

Before the breaking dawn

You cry until your spell is cast

Or sunlight bids you gone

Adorned in capes of crusty branch

Like bandits crouched in caves

Until the shades of night advance

Be still your cackled raves 

But when the ghouls of night enroll

Desert this wooded crypt

Thrust forth your wing of blackened coal

Cast inkblots on the script


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ApaqRasgirl commented on The Crow


wonderful dear, such a brilliant, whimsical write you did. I could almost picture you standing on the old ladies stoop and reciting those words to the ravens high up in that old oak.......I am sure that your words would have chased away any bad aura surrounding the ladies home.......I enjoyed this little chant very asha

angel33614 commented on The Crow


Didn't know you did dark and creepy, not only did you do it but you did it superbly, bravo! Only question I have is what else do you have in the bag of tricks, awesome poem, really loved it! They say a picture is worth a thopusand words but I say I good poem built around imagery creates a picture so vivid and real that not even a pic can hold a candle to it's ambience and visions of mystique, purely flawless work my friend! I know you only have three poems on here but this is your best by a long mile, bravo! I have a suggestion for you, post your poem in the interactive poetry forum under poets of blood volume 2- you may be surprised by the replies. If I know my follow POB well I think they would really enjoy this piece. Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility ANGEL- POB for life! aka A blind man waking...



Thanks for the great comment Angel. I would love to do that,but don't know how. Perhaps you would be kind enough to PM me with step by step instructions :) Peace, love, and light on your path always. Gypsy Soul

thecross commented on The Crow


A chilling effect and wonderful use of your imagination in this piece, well done



Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your read and interpretation. I look forward to reading more of your work soon. Peace, love, and light on your path always. Gypsy Soul

soulwriter commented on The Crow


You etch the woods beautifully with a moving live tone that grows darker as you move deeper. I really admire the opening and the ways the words describe to bring the reader to a feeling that they can see through your darting eyes and feel the pulse of your heart.



Wow! Thank you for this awesome comment soulwriter, I love that you made time to read my words and that you felt them. I greatly admire your work. Peace, love, and light on your path always. Gypsy Soul.

kdarcy commented on The Crow


The images your very descriptive words draw in my mind is enough to make a chill or two. There is a time of day when everyone can feel a slight quiver or chill if the conditions are right, you captured for me. An excellent write my friend k



Thank you kdarcy for such a descriptive comment. Thank you also for being at the time of day where my words were able to chill you :) I appreciate your talent very much. Peace, love, and light on your path always. Gypsy Soul



New post comingtoday, keep an eye out for it, " A Simple Tree ", thanks k

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