The Dark Side


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I've never done anything like this before, but after reading some work of an old friend, Train 64, I was inspired to go through the infernal clutter that is the desk in my head see if there wasn't something to put to paper

The Dark Side

I always knew it existed in me
I keep it sublimated
so polite folks do not
see it.
makes them uncomfortable
I clean up real good
and I powder up nice,
tip my hat to the ladies give the nod
and the firm shake to the guys
but the "tetchy" is always there.
Some don't get it,
those that do
do so quietly
Even the dogs shy away
at times
but come around for the treats
they're glad to see me when it's cold outside
and I've got the extra blanket on the bunk
everybody knows me when the job to be done
is a little bit sideways and they just want it to go away.
Like taking care of the old critters and such.
"Everybody wants to take a ride up to heaven,
but nobody wants to make the climb
You put 'em down when it's time
you don't mention it at supper
they don't either
If I lived in their tidy starched crinoline world,
I'd be underdressed and overburdened
and none of us would be comfortable.
So I guess I'll keep my thoughts to myself

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Whiskers commented on The Dark Side


Very good write Meatloaf, saw alot of myself in there at times. Even my dear wife knows when the Dark Side hits to stear clear and give me a wide birth till it passes. For someone that hasn't done this before, you nailed it. Blessings and welcome aboard, Whiskers.



Thank you very much. I'll never forget when I saw the monologue from Jack Nicholson in "A FEW GOOD MEN ", I almost leapt out of my skin. Walkin' the wall so others don't have to. I was never a war hero but I did learn at an early age to never have a shitty day by yourself.! That line might show up again someday!

Teardrops commented on The Dark Side


WOW! Ilove this so honest and full of "if you dont like me then walk on by " you sir are good really good . Cant wait to read the next one Marie



Thanks for the kind words. It may take awhile to sqeeze out another, but I know after being exsposed to y'all that it will change my way of looking stuff and I might be able to say it better. Thank the Night " Train 64"

train64 commented on The Dark Side


nice work M..a honest write..someone has to do the distasteful stuff sometimes..T.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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