The death kiss.


The death kiss.

You are a death kiss.
You are what I wanted, and nothing I expected.
You may never be.
You show me that I may never get what I want.

Yet still I want you.

Yet still I yearn for and worship you.
Even though you don't pay me the same respect.
Even though you answer me with sheer neglect.
Even though I'm used, drained, and left.

Still I want you.

You are my death.
You are what I see when I wake from a long life.
You are what I'd be if I wandered off into the night.
Ready for life.

You are a death kiss.
You are that which I miss.
You are everything I want to be and nothing I can resist.

You are a death kiss. 
You are me, alternate.
You are something I can't stand, can't have, but will never fully admit.

You are a death kiss.
You are that which cannot be.
You brought hope and life to me.
You let it all run dry.
You love to make me cry.
You love make me try.
You love to get me high.
You love to drop me cold.
You love to let me go.
Your love is everywhere.
Your eyes, your smile, your hair.
For every man to see.
And flock, and cling to thee.
I should have seen your game.
Long before this feeling came.
But I was ruined, broken, and torn.
I needed you.  I needed hope.  I needed scorn.

I needed to bleed to feel alive.
I needed the seed to someday thrive.
I went in, I clung, I fell.
I ached, I yearned, I gave it all to you.

And you turned and ran.

With my heart in your hands.
To every other man.
Who can shake your attention span.

They make you feel the way you want.
They get you there and turn you on.
You want love so badly, and so do I.
You break my mind, you make me cry.
For I can't give you anything,
and yet I gave you everything.
Everything within my being,
that I could muster to shoot and sing.
To make it's way around the world.
Into the heart of this special girl.
Who still I have no clue about.
Who's world has turned me inside out.

So I spiral down and out of control.
Hoping for something to break my fall.
The death kiss.
The one I miss.
That fire that I can't resist.
Is here now.
Is clear now.
The way out is nonexistant.
I must go through it.
Yet cannot do it.
Don't leave me in the dark.
Come closer with a spark.
And lead your lips to mine.
And swoon, and sway, and dine.
And give me the death kiss.
The thing I can't resist.
The thing I'll always miss.
Give me your death kiss.

And set me free.
And let me be.
I'm only me, I'm not of the calibur to go through your game.
Kiss me, kill me, all the same.
Give it to me.
Right now and forever.
Your death kiss.
Your substitute for love.
Your public persona.
And in that split second, I'll steal your soul.
I'll pull a switch.
I'll scratch the surface of your hardened exterior.
And I'll know what you really are.

And I'll give you my death kiss.
The one you miss.
The one you've never seen before, nor will again.

The death kiss.

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emilyAKAninja commented on The death kiss.


i love how you dont hold back what you feel and you write exactly what you feel. i find i can relate to your poem and to be able to have others relate and connect to your poems is amazing. you dont generalize your subject too much yet youre not too specifc

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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