The Diamond Age of Yesternight...


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    Something I felt like writing...

    The Diamond Age of Yesternight...

    Last night I stared at the stars, wondering
    is your soul looking down upon, pondering
    a future with me as our love's wandering
    through time for fate's destiny is approaching
    the lotus fields we both lie in with open
    hearts so close apart, sharing in their motion
    to become one, succumb to our bonded emotion
    that rest within us, shall we welcome this wanton
    circumstance of entrancing dance we're wanting
    to be the greatest emotive heaven has formed when
    we all became souls, you and I were a potion
    bewixted of all things true love, we'll show them...

    Last night I fell into your dream, lovely
    the colors of your eyes, your stare alarmed me
    that you truly love me, deeper becoming
    legendary in its own right, marking our history
    etched upon the sands of time, everything
    within this dream encompasses beauty
    the shape of your lips, your eyes, such imagery
    has enlightened mine eyes to yours, join me
    on this quest to the highest manifest, completely
    completing this dream of you and I, we
    travel your mind as you sleep comfortably
    accepting me into your soul, eypt, eternity...

    Last night something lost awakened, my heart
    between two lungs was missing, this spark
    I owe to the one, the omniscient lot
    saw fit to color life with you, art
    comes in many forms, varied picturesque plots
    in wiled paints on my canvas in life, I mark
    every battle in my war with love forms a dot
    till a Monet is formed, you is what I sought
    you is what I got, you I battle not
    as we become the bane of loss love, watch
    and see all those that deny our rock
    as a plethora of gorgeous diamonds wont stop...

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    Rygar commented on The Diamond Age of Yesternight...


    "every battle in my war with love forms a dot till a Monet is formed, you is what I sought" genius...

    am2anangel commented on The Diamond Age of Yesternight...


    I ignored your profile not to read you and am glad I did. This was a beautiful piece the imagery left open to the reader. Loved the line; I fell into your dream. well done. Keep writing. -Tonya

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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