The Doubt Monster


  • Confusion

    The Doubt Monster

    Awakening from a night of restless sleep, 
    I start making coffee
    Doubt sips in while the coffee  starts to brew
    I push it away and step outside to ground and center myself.
    Barefoot on the lawn, I close my eyes and open my arms
    to the sky above, seeing the ball of light, letting it flow;
    Clear my mind and breath. it will all be alright.
    Grounded I pad barefoot back into  the house, pour my coffee
    then sit down on the front porch for morning coffee and smoke.
    Watching the birds go from the feeder to the fountain in my garden,
    Thinking how simple their lives must be.
    When doubt slips back - in asking are you sure?
    Well I thought I knew or was is it just a dellusion.
    I finish my coffee and smoke,
    Then tell doubt where to go!
    I'm off to do yoga.

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    dahlusion commented on The Doubt Monster


    Being a full-time yoga teacher, I relate to this in a personal way: "Clear my mind and breath. it will all be alright" — a powerful write on believing in yourself. Bravo!!

    bforibus commented on The Doubt Monster


    i love this real time story of doubting doubt. how it enters in at some of the most relaxing and tranquil times. i do wish this poem had a lil more of a rhyming skeme to add to the humor and power of this poem, but still a great job.

    bluewolf commented on The Doubt Monster


    Doubt is a most annoying attribute that often clouds perfectly logistical mentality. Hopefully doubt will take the hint and go exactly where you told it to.

    TheAngelOfDeath commented on The Doubt Monster


    LOl this is a great poem Yoga hu?? i dont do yoga lol it is to hard for me



    thank you for reading ! yoga makes me feel movable for the day lol I am older ya know

    Marsink commented on The Doubt Monster


    I'm new to this site and I think I saw your name in peaceful poets chat. All I can say is that you can use spell check b4 submission and proofread for errors in sentence structure or redundant phrases. I never trust what i've written until I've gone over it several times. Hope that helps

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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