The Final Beat of My Heart


Poem Commentary

Prose of sorts on the inevitability of death.

The Final Beat of My Heart


The unceasing rhythm within my chest

pulses on as it has done for all

these many years. It is a constant reminder

 that my life has somehow survived

 yet another day and that I should cherish each

 minute and make use of every precious second.


I do not understand the true meaning

 of my presence here as I leave such thoughts

 to those that feel comforted by their

 belief that their god controls all

 and guides every aspect of their lives.


I do not scoff at their beliefs as I

 envy the comfort that they derive

from such a deep spiritual sanctuary.

One need only look about at the

wonders of this Earth to conclude that

powers beyond our imagination surely must exist.


So, I listen to the beat of my heart as I lay

silently in my bed and wonder how many

beats that may remain before I either pass

into the nothingness that spawned me or face

 the righteous judgment taught to me in my youth.


I breathe deeply savoring the sweetness of the

air that nourishes the blood flowing

 through my aging heart and dream of days

past when this heart was young.


In concert with my heartbeat I listen to

the sounds that provide the constant hum of

life in all of its forms. I hear the faint

 voice of my mother calling to me

 from some far distant place

 and my heart skips a beat.


Many decades ago I gave this old heart to

one that I knew would treat it with

 love and kindness and for all these many years

our hearts have beaten as one through the

joys and sorrows placed in our paths.


This heart beats on but it seems that it

grows wearier by the day.  If I allowed it

to stop but for a minute or two to rest, my life

 would vanish and the energy that I was born

 of would be released to seek shelter elsewhere.


I know that each beat of the heart is precious and

represents a tick of life’s clock. But “that

 which begins must end” and “that is as it shall be

for me as it was for those that came before me”.


I only hope that when my time comes

that I can look inward and give thanks

 at that very moment when I release my soul

  and prepare for the final beat of my heart.


©Copyright Charlie Gragg, June 5, 2010  














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Merlyn commented on The Final Beat of My Heart


Nicely done. You seem to have a great perspective on your life and a good grasp on what it means to be human. Thank you for sharing your vision.



It comes with age. Thank you.

stellar commented on The Final Beat of My Heart


I am teary when I read this one...we can't escape death, sooner or later we all submit our life to him...but at least we tasted how sweet life is...better to love than nothing at all...great introspective write Hamp,,,^_^ v



aw i mean better to live than nothing at all...



Many thanks for reading and commenting,

icu2 commented on The Final Beat of My Heart


It probably was not your intention, but this lovely poem rings a bell of warning that the ship is coming into port...and the party at sea must come to an end. Aww...Charlie, don't think about that stuff. Then again, maybe you don't. I hope not. People leave this planet at every age imaginable, so you will probably live to well past one-hundred! Nice poem. Sorry for rambling...I'm tired.



WO and I intend to exchange poetic greetings well into the future. Thanks.

ginga commented on The Final Beat of My Heart


Charlie, A poem that emotes so much about the human condition and the coming of all our ages.This poem gives reality to being a mortal soul. It makes one ponder that one should live life to its fullest. ty for the reality check and for your candor on looking over the past years as we age. ginga



Thank you my dear.

Chaos128 commented on The Final Beat of My Heart


Profound and philosophical. I very much like the manner it which it purveys seriousness without being heavy or grim. Such delicate navigation requires a practiced hand.



Thank you, your comments warm my heart.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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