The Forgotten Righteous


  • Confusion

    The Forgotten Righteous

    Isolated in this exotic eden
    dwell this common man
    whom take none for granted
    and use only what they need.

    Blind to wants and desires,
    they know only to help their kin
    and be helped in return
    on this their existence depends.

    But they know not thy name!
    Call to you, they won't.
    They speak a different tongue,
    tis hardly an excuse!

    They cannot praise you,
    not like I!
    I know thy name,
    we rightly gave you.

    I know thy principles
    we have assigned thee.
    They know not of your nature,
    your assigned nature!

    They deserveth not your presence
    not like I!
    I made you!
    Oh how I beg the question for thee praise!

    Tragedy strikes the treatment
    of these forgotten souls.
    For even the right religion overlooked them.
    Or did it?

    Our created creator never taught them,
    though they act like he has.
    This matters not,
    They know not thy name!

    Copyright 2009 Vince Decker

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    Tempestlady commented on The Forgotten Righteous


    To go back and see what it must have been like, to be pure that way. Maybe without the knowledge, the journey has less trials and tribulations. All I know is what I got going sure is tough. Write on....

    susanismith commented on The Forgotten Righteous


    Adam and Eve...the ancestors of our existence... I sense a loss of faith...anger...frustration...confusion... I was told every true poetic tampers and toys with the thought of Adam and Eve...I wrote one in a different perspective...called "The Forbidden Fruit" more towards the lust thing...but twisted it to a different angle...I liked it...a different point of view...well respected...



    this is one of my most difficult. it deals with humans before the idea of adam and eve, for humans can be said to have lived millions of years ago, before biblical times. this deals with ancestors of these people, like (but one example) the pygmy of s africa. they live in tune with nature, are hunter-gatherers, and are of course among the cultures of humans who have lived with the world and not against it. they do not hurt each other, and handle things as a group, instead of one authoritative entity. and the people of our time are the righteous?! these people have never heard of christ, adam and eve, none of this, and they are living much better than any one of us.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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