The Fraternity


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Beware the Fraternity that you pledge ...

The Fraternity

The autumn night air was brisk and sharp,
As we approached the wrought iron gate.
The cold black spears stood thirteen feet tall,
To keep unwanted intruders at bay.
The granite pillars that stood alongside,
Carried a warning etched in their stone.
"Beware Trespassers Of Hallowed Grounds, 
 For He Who Enters - Will Not Be Alone"

I started to wonder why I took the dare,
Letting the Brothers decide my fate.
But, knew it was part of being a Pledge.
Couldn't change my mind - it was just too late.
They were all hooting and hollering,
Hazing me on and calling me names.
While the Head Brother took the bolt cutters,
To break the lock and loose the chains.

He Grabbed me by my neck and shook me,
Forced me to my knees and made me crawl.
Paddled my ass with a wooden stick,
Until I was curled up in a ball.
He demanded that I stand up,
Calling me a Pussy as he pushed.
Making me walk forward - while tripping,
Barefoot thru the thickets n' thorn bush.

As I stumbled and made my way,
I heard the Brothers in the distance.
Yelling and laughing in their drunken game,
Making me despise my own existence.
Knowing I must stay here through the night,
Alone and cold in the dark Catacombs.
Where legend has it that a Brother died,
Attempting to escape the dead that roam.

I opened the door to the underground tomb,
And slowly descended the cold granite stairs.
I felt my way through the dense darkness,
My sight adjusted, yet still impaired.
The stench of dead bodies filled the air,
Their souls imprisoned in eternal anger.
I could feel their evil presence,
And knew my soul was in mortal danger.

I heard their tormented cries of pain,
Screams of torture and groans of dismay.
I felt a cold hand placed upon my shoulder,
Skeletal fingers of death and decay.
I turned in shock and gazed into it's eyes,
Horrified, I was frozen in fear.
I tried to run - unable to move,
It's fingers gripped my neck to slice and tear.

I knew right then I was going to die,
That there was no escaping this Hell.
I felt my knees shaking and buckling,
Trembling uncontrollably as I fell.
I heard familiar voices and laughter,
The Brothers had gathered by my side.
Chanting - they called upon their Master,
To join them on this unholy night.

"Lord Lucifer we summon thee,
Come join us - take our hands.
We've come tonight to offer thee,
This Pledge - our sacrificial lamb.
Come take our humble offering,
On this sacred All Hallows Eve.
Lord Lucifer we summon thee,
Come join us -your Fraternity"

I felt the ground start to rumble,
As shots of steam burst upward in flame.
The extreme heat melted my skin,
As I screamed out in endless pain.
The Beast then hovered over me,
Dripping acid drool into my soul.
It burned the remains of my shell,
Leaving my skeleton black as coal.
Now I am left here to wander ...
With the other Pledges of the undead.
It's just like the legend has it, so ...
Beware the Fraternity that you pledge.
The Brothers cheered in evil bliss,
For they had succeeded in their task.
Another soul has been sacrificed,
And they've avoided their Master's wrath.
So it's another year of victory,
They will not lose at any game.
The Brothers of Blood Fraternity,
Be sure to remember their name.


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JadedJezzabel commented on The Fraternity


wOw...............................thats all i've



lol! :) Not sure how to reply .. Glad I made ya speechless. :) Thanks again! :) Ken

Forestbird commented on The Fraternity


Great ballad! It reminds me some German medieval ballades that I read in Russian translation by famous Russian poet of 19 century Jukovski. It does not matter which language it written in. Sol and feel of such literature is always there



Thanks Forestbird ... I appreciate your comments my friend. I am humbled so when I am compared to famous poets ... Thanks again .. Much Appreciated! :) Ken

stellar commented on The Fraternity


Oh again...I love the feel of like watching a thrilling movie...well-penned never really fail to sustain my interest,,,haunting and gives me it...^_^ v



Thanks Stellar! :) I appreciate your flattering comments. You always humble me. Thanks again Pal! :) Ken

MootPoint commented on The Fraternity


Yes, not going to pledge that frat. Hey great write. I was not sure where you were going with this one. Easy 10 from California.



Hey Moot! :) Thanks for the read, comments and 10! Much appreciated Pal! :) Ken

ginga commented on The Fraternity


WOW, Knight, This thriller of a poem is highly provocative and expertly told. You never cease to amaze me with your talent to write a wicked poetic story. ginga



Thanks Ginga! :) You always humble me with your flattering comments. Thanks again my friend. :) Ken

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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