The God Of War


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    The God Of War

    Do you see the beauty I see
    It is just not you but it is everything
    The way you move with the words
    The way you sing with your heart
    As you put feelings into every word
    Every word that comes from your soul
    Deep down into the very pit of you
    For when those words find they’re way
    As they fly to touch one and other
    Will people open their hearts to hear
    Not only have you open my heart but my eyes
    The more I hear your words the more I see you
    Is the more I want to watch and hear
    The more I want to keep asking for more
    Just to be able to see the beauty
    I didn’t know anything was that beautiful and clear
    Can you see what I see, take my eyes
    Please take my heart with my eyes
    So you can feel what I feel deep inside
    See the passion, the love and life
    Can you see the passion in his soul
    As he sings to you and calls your name
    As his words are right God will be there for you
    He gave us life what do we choose for us
    Do we choose to live happy and free
    Or do we choose the things that are not pure
    For the things we choose judgment day will come
    No matter how much we shout and scream
    People still choose not to let him in
    For me it was something different
    You brought a smile to my face without even known
    What is this feeling, I am feeling, something
    For this something may not have any words
    But maybe it does and I just don’t know
    Maybe God is trying to show and tell me something
    Will my heart be open to him like you are
    For the fire burns all night as you dance
    As God looks over you and makes you feel free to fly
    For your words once again cut deeper then life itself
    For the time I sit here and listen to you
    As I see you in this video you made for millions
    How many will feel and see what I do
    For when I see this and hear the words
    It seems like my body just wants to float
    But where does it want to float, all I ask is where and why
    For this video is, is something special to many
    As my tears roll down my face onto my heart
    The things you done to people you don’t even know
    For just maybe this was God’s plan for me
    Maybe this is what I needed to see, to feel
    And all I got to say is thanks for finding me
    Or is it that I found you, only God knows
    For if you let him into your life he will be
    “The God Of War”

    (Dedicated to B-Master)
    (“God Of War” Video)

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    kaleo55 commented on The God Of War


    You have looked deep within. Here you have expressed such beauty that you uphold. thank you.

    EbonyQueen48 commented on The God Of War


    This is a heart filled, piece, It speaks so much of who you are and what another means to you, keep writing and I am proud of your accomplishment!!

    CopperTop327 commented on The God Of War


    very nice...good job..

    tammiesmith commented on The God Of War


    Very nice, Well done....

    pammy1414 commented on The God Of War


    You have a God giving talent and I know God is smiling down on your work. Great Job!!!!

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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