The Grace of God


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    The Grace of God

    In this writer faith in God is strong,

    I can’t change my heart for which I long.


    Moral judgment on you not I make,

    All will deal with God for their own sake.

    Wishing the best for all those who read,

    Finding the truth of the life you lead.


    If you're agreeing with what I say,

    Then you know the price you'll pay,

    If you discovered the truth, the way, the light,

    You may find it hard to continue the fight.


    If you are blessed with the grace of God,

    And find it easy to do what you should.

    Fortunate to find your faith not tough,  

    But for human me, it’s kinda rough.


    The peace of the Lord be with you all,

    Never say you will never take a fall.

    Always try to follow soul and mind,

    The love of Lord your joy you'll find.


    Your faith may often be put to test,

    Heroes follow what is under their vest.

    If you follow God’s grace you'll win,

    We all meet our maker in the end.

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    Tempestlady commented on The Grace of God


    This poem just shows us the difference of who we are and who we think he wants us to be. Sometimes it is a very large gap, and always a challenging road for almost everyone. You give us hope for a happy ending, and leave us on positive note at the end. Just wonderful. Write on....

    bloomingsun commented on The Grace of God


    Of course, we are individually responsible for our actions and our choices in what we believe. I see that your faith is alive and well. If we find it hard to follow at times, but still we DO follow, we are in keeping with the way. "Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..."

    mamasan commented on The Grace of God


    Glorious read and I want to say after reading that....Gloria in Excelius Deus....I may have forgotten the spelling but so help me that is what came to my lips when I finished your porem. And, I a thousand time agree never never say you will not take a fall.......thank God the Lord is there to blot our tears and forgive and send an angel to help us off our knees. This sure is great and the peace of the lord be with you to.....a mantra we say at my church during the mass. Thank you for the kind wish.

    jesusfreake commented on The Grace of God


    Romans 1:16....thats mainly what i think about when i read this poem...ur words inspire me and i find much faith in those like u who refuse to not share God and His work with others...thank u for standing up in this battle of spreading Christianity...every disciple counts...and by this work of urs i can tell ur a fighter!

    Kaleidoscope commented on The Grace of God


    I like the joy and the love words you used in this poem as many churches such as my childhood church. Taught me nothing but "fire and brimstone" How much the Lord wanted to seek vegeance on me and as far as the Rev. was concerned I was going to hell I was five years old . How manu 5 year olds do you believe have gone to hell. None of course..My uncle the Reverend I am talking about died at 57 years old because his sermons were so fierest the vains bulged from his neck and forehead . Leading to 3 heart attacks and the 3rd one put him 6 ft under.. The only thing my uncle did for me was reassure me time and time again that the Lord could not love me. I should be an atheist but my loving GOD has slowly showed me I am loveable.. He isn't slowly showing me,..I am slowly getting it..I like this poem but I was kind of thrown back because of the harshness. Thanx Kaleidoscope

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