The Infinite battle from Night to Light.......


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Just a story I thought about quest to battle the devil, iblis

The Infinite battle from Night to Light.......

Once upon a dream in a nightmarish scheme
I met the one Iblis, we battled into infinity....

My eyes closed, yearned for sleep I suppose
that's when it all began, sweat upon my brows.
Hot and molten rock as I gaze upon shadows
vivid compose in the depths I rose
from the canvas I fallen 'pon painted souls
scorched in high pitched screams someone knows
from the earth above me, where still life grows
but life does not exist here as I compose
meaning to this sight where the tortured pose.
Hello!! Hello!! I yell in meek se'ance
I am noticed, but only stared at by the demon spawns
Their eyes are like the dark pitch of random haunts
I commence without hesitation ignoring their taunts.
I seek one being, one angel's response
Iblis, the devil, Satan's who I want
I shall prove to the masses of laughing metaphors
drawing closer and closer as I walk hell's contour
that I am Altair, the elliptical star
my orbit shall inhale the dark I fell upon.
Deeper and deeper towards a voice I follow

"I am here, Altair, not too far to go
I have waited for you, long before your creation
we had a battle once, you were a soul sensation
I admired your ability to twist many words
as you know, I'm still the best the world has never heard
yet they follow my influence, sweet it must be
they taste upon my liquid psyche in reprieve
fools they are, but I love it you see
thus with this power, you still want to contest me."

This speech left a chilling thought inside my mind
still walking supine; can victory be mine?
Such questions need not exist in my confine
I need to ignore his impressional words to speak mine.
The tunnel of shadows opened up suddenly
closed behind me was the wall of dark beings
beneath my feet were the souls which stopped screaming
There before me was Iblis, the heathen.

" Hello Altair, I welcome you to hell
Not many breach the tunnel, so you must be special
The last test before I would gaze upon you
Worthy you are, as I knew from your vigils"

Quiet!! You monstrous fade of the heavens
I need not your welcoming, this won't be pleasant
For you must be stopped, I shall teach you that lesson
So please lets get on with it, time is pressing"

" How dare you come to my lair with such confidence
The lesson shall not be mine, for your portance
I shall lick your soul clean of all importance
and cast you to the pit for my own enjoyment
Since time is pressing and you're growing quite annoying
I shall cast my best towards your mind and leave it broken"

" Iblis, your name is such a treachery
put up or shut up since you waited long for me
I am prepared, the not so simple singularity
light verses darkness, COME ON, SPEAK!!!!!

Tumultuous winds of fire circled our stance
molten rock and souls danced upon his glance
Surrounding us in a final battle to death
What is left is the battle now, one's last breath.

"How quaint Altair, in your despair I appear
upon earth, your turmoil is much to revere
I absorb your thoughts, so sweet to the taste
you embrace my darkness, now you see face to face
your words are hollow as the ravens meaning
your soul, I can't wait to feast, is diminishing
you are much like the creatures up there
beneath me, impressionable nature so rare
all it takes is a little influence in despair
quick in suicide and death you all end up here.
Losing trust in your
'LORD', he doesn't love you
when my shadow appears, you all crawl right to
like the beasts you are, He created in rue
God is just fool, to believe makes you one too
I have said my piece, I need not say anymore
as I watch you tremble, it's becoming a bore
I will kindly take my claim as the victor
your words shall not overrun your new pressure...."

I stood there listless in face valued trend
then a smile came forth, for It's time to begin
Iblis was shocked, broad shoulders descend
he believes it not in assuming behind my grin.

"Well done Iblis, I did not expect such banter
so it makes this interesting, you were a bit better
than I thought you would be, how cute were the gestures
now it is my turn, let me begin at this letter
Alif   Lam   Mim
In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
All praise is due to You, Lord of the Worlds
Including this one, Iblis is clearly confused
his role as the used, holds all too true
thank you for using me to end this duel
I smile at the thought you, my faith can't lose
Your light, Your essence is a blessing to us all
the souls you possess, Iblis, not yours at all
you are a pawn, a fool, the temperamental brew
you have fallen from grace, and I'm to follow you?
Think again, for with the power of God I transcend
beyond your dark corner you rest in punishment
You envy my soul, you envy my love
you envy my ability to ignore your push
you are but a casted angel, scorched by the burning bush
God, Allah, please forgive the tricks of Iblis
Master of the day of judgement, to you I ask this..."

Speechless, shocked in aweinspiring force
my words had touched deep within him much
Iblis stood still and looked up at the heavens
for the light shining down on him was my awakening
upon the morning sun filled with such hope
this dream, this nightmare, was what I noted
the devil was defeated, not by my singular soul
but God and all his beautiful names, Al Hamdo lilla......

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SuperChick76 commented on The Infinite battle from Night to Light.......


"put up or shut up since you waited long for me" Success! I enjoyed that. Such confidence, such wit! A battle without fighting. For truth be told, ole' Mephistopheles is a coward. Beautiful description of a transcendent moment of his own self-importance, conformed and put down by the One that Is and Always Shall Be. I loved it!! Another to favorites, my dear. :)



o yes prodigy, I knew you would love this one, i want to say our battles in speaking lead me to think of such a piece...thank you

knight4696 commented on The Infinite battle from Night to Light.......


Altair - Your style always amazes me man! :) I love the interactions you have written here. You have captured man's greatest internal conflict - The never-ending battle of Good vs. Evil, Light vs.Dark. I love the ending of this - quite the twist! Another awesome job - straight to faves!!!! :) Ken



well you know how i do my friend, all things lie poetic to me in expression..thanks for the faves add, much appreciated

SavVySam commented on The Infinite battle from Night to Light.......


A dramatic twist on the theme of good versus evil...brilliant banter...reminiscent of "Devil went down to Georgia"...but much hipper, cooler...Good write!



thank you sav =)



and sav, I just read the lyrics to that song, and wow that is quite amazing how similar it is lol, I guess if that song is very favored, I did a good job in creating this one...thanks love

koolmom0 commented on The Infinite battle from Night to Light.......


Don't worry honey!!!!! I'll save you,,,,,Dream of me instead. This is awesome majesty, as always you have created a wonderful tale. :) Queen



=), thank you so much queen, just hold your hand out and allow me to grab it when I need to breach the surface from my victory

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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