The Jungle


  • Erotic

    The Jungle

    I see you in my room
    Laying in my bed
    Naked as my soul
    On a lonely night
    I see the dim lights
    Candles flickering
    Shadows cover the walls
    I slowly pace towards the bed
    As I walk, you climb on your knees
    Getting ready for me
    When I got to the bed, the lights went out
    Leaving the candles as our only light
    I feel you opening my pants and holding the snake
    You begin to feast
    As you feast, my soul leaves my body
    Leaving me helpless to your seduction
    Leaving me to make the only noise in this dead house
    You slowly slither your tongue
    Up and down my body
    You pull me on the bed
    I begin to caress you
    My body becomes a snake
    slithering up and down your body
    Feeling, licking, kissing
    Every part of you
    You open up for me
    And I begin to feast on your beautiful pussy
    You moan a soothing sound
    A sound for more
    The more I eat, the more you scream
    I grow full of your juice
    I climb on my knees
    And Place him inside you
    I begin to push and pull
    As I move thrust, my soul becomes angry
    Predators begin to overwhelm me
    Lions and tigers roar inside me
    The more they roar, the faster I move
    The room began to scream
    The shadows came to life
    They slither from wall to wall
    Watching our every move
    As we moan, I close my eyes
    Taking us to a jungle
    Where moans become the sound of life
    The heat fuels our energy, making us go faster
    You scream for more
    The harder I go, the nosier the jungle becomes
    Like when a predator approaches its prey
    I begin to grow weak
    I open my eyes
    Noticing that I’m in her rear
    I pull out and explode on your tits
    We fall to the bed
    My soul returns to me
    We lose consciousness
    The room became quiet and dead
    Sunlight shines in, but we sleep
    We rebuild our strength
    For the next time we visit the jungle.

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    GodsChild commented on The Jungle


    Great poem, love the descriptive language.

    ivecute77 commented on The Jungle


    wow, daring I must admit, brought pictures into my head. great poem.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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