The London Show at the Tate's Estate........


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Just having fun......

The London Show at the Tate's Estate........

my voice goes opposed to the wind...that blows
East to the show, as the river flows
I walk pass willows, thoughts of chocolate truffles
ruffled collars, old English bellows
speaking poetry in sights of cheeky fellows.
The stage awaits my magnificent pace
the microphone's alone, but aware of its fate
I shall apologize, but I must embrace
my sights upon nature as I walk its face
My form of meditation, I'm aware that I'm late
I smile as I come upon the Tate's Estate.
The spotlight in the air so welcomes the crowd
waving its stretched beams, reflecting off the clouds
Come one, come all, Altair is here now
get ready for a most luxurious sound
a most profound epic, I'm sure he'll compound
without further adieu, Altair, welcome!!!
I look upon the crowd with a smile ear to ear
beautiful women, cheeky fellows, all are there
silence becomes them, much like the air
I clear my throat, recite, Al hamdo lilla....

From the stars, the moon, the sun, my uniform
conforming essence I exhale comes from
you, the ears you lend, my earthly consent
my burning heart, content to torch the wind
that swirls and twirls from the gates of heaven
giving us breath in depths of our two lungs stretched
there resides latent words I haven't spoken yet
each poem a testament to what I beget
wet are my lips from each fluid sip
clear my throat, spit to the page another epic
a pivotal point in dissecting the eclectic
message in the carnage within my body's foliage
I can never make sense of my inner conflict
but it's mine so I get it, and somehow understand it
The spirit weathers the merit of the Angels temperament
surrounded by disguised entities earth inherits
how do you explain the nature of things?
the submission of plants and animals the same
the sun and the moon and the stars proclaim
their movement and natural instinct ordained
It is the all powerful, the most beautiful name
the omnipotent, omniscient reign
my philosophy is but a reminder to the plane
that all things remain tied to dasein grains
sands of time that establish the rain
that establishes the higher thought within our brain
We are all born with the ability to change
growth of our frame and intelligent tame
the universe or multiples there of I train
from my dreams to realities, creating maintain.
Now that we are all educated on something new
look into the palm of my hands, a lotus grew
its form so white and scented it drew
all eyes in mysticism to illusions brew.
Smile my audience, gaze upon the essence
emitted from my mouth, for you to immerse in
bathe yourselves, contemplate one's existence
kiss your thought in submitted penitence
I shall not judge your admitted conscience
only smile at you, for you regressed your portents.
This speech to you, this wandering poem
is not to change your faith, or your wandering wanting
I only want to have you think a bit beyond
the what's ,the if's, your own journeying form
the pleasure, the sins, what you want in the end
I blend my many phrases, to phase my poem
a form so open, it's as the sky is falling
dropping rain drops to the blues of the ocean
let me tell you a story about a river flowing
East past the willows and chocolate truffles
walking upon meditated state of a poem
looking at the world as it opus

thank all I was apart of the many more.

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Lind commented on The London Show at the Tate's Estate........


Brava! An utterly eye-opening and innovative poem. One of the most intriguing I've ever read.



Lind! That is very high praise that I welcome wholeheartedly. Thank you for that. As always thanks for visiting my expressions =)

Allseasonsverse commented on The London Show at the Tate's Estate........


You have a blockbuster here my friend. Your imagery is magnificent. The narrative aspect of your works are winners, seems to be another one of your strengths, Thank you, my friend. ASV !



ASV! Welcome welcome. Of all my poems on here, I have to say this and part two are my favorite. I had such fun writing this. A fun fact: I was inspired by how delicious chocolate truffles are =)

ginga commented on The London Show at the Tate's Estate........


altair, You are the actor/orator on your own shining stage and the view and audio from here is fascinating! ginga



Sorry for misspelling your name. Auto spelling messed it up lol

1990lh commented on The London Show at the Tate's Estate........


oh excellent poem cool read. this was fun and open mic without the mic. hahah

SavVySam commented on The London Show at the Tate's Estate........


A magnificent show it is...Such incredible details and rich images in you really are back! Nice work!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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