the longest of nights


the longest of nights

consumed by the night in the dark of my dreams
awaken by the shadows that dance in my sleep
inside of my eyes a tortured display
devouring my mind the demons at play
a paralyzing tale i near dare not tell
the nightmare they weave in this visual hell
still they go on with this hellish display
consuming my mind the demons at play

the organic dark seems to move and to breathe
alive with a mind it is able to think
it feeds on my fears and devours my dreams
as i lay wide awake unable to sleep

i hear in my ear as the dark steps in close
a sinister stinch invading my nose
i feel on my neck the dark's icy breath
a pull on my heart from the cold hand of death
at the end of my rope it offers a noose
to find the relief, or live if i choose
the horror i face in this nightmarish dread
and the panic i feel invading my chest

alive with a soul the dark comes to me
peeling my eyes so i'm able to see
cluching my lungs so i cannot breathe
and crushing my head so i cannot think

the night is to me the cancer that eats
consuming my soul and devouring me
with no escape the night is still young
not sure if the worse is still yet to come
unble to see the dark has taken my eyes
and unable to think with a blugeoned mind
squashing my lungs i can't catch my breath
i know what i choose if i choose death

completly controled on this longest of nights
not able to see though the blood in my eyes
the world has gone dark, devoid of all light
i am self consumed on this longest of nights

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knight4696 commented on the longest of nights


Dano ... I really enjoyed this one. A very dark and deep glimpse into one's innerself. A graphic account of one who is tormented and possessed by his own inner demons. The rhyme, flow and imagery are all superb! A really Great Job! ...... Ken

ReRe commented on the longest of nights


I like the rhyme. ; ) I too am troubled by demons at play only when the night allows my mind to become dark. I think it shows the creativity you hold. But its the noisy mind that keeps us slaves to it! I love it .



thank you ReRe it is not often that people get what i right, or understand where i come from when i write about the dark, and things that happen to the human mind when the lights go takes someone who has similar issues with a busy mind and a heavy heart to realize the true lack of silence in dark...

devaamido commented on the longest of nights


I can't agree with "syllabics". On the contrary, the manner in which you've repetitiously repeated the rhyming scheme lends the poem a foreboding sense of crushing inevitability that strengthens the poem & I believe that's what you intended.

syllabics commented on the longest of nights


This poem had some good imagery, the rhyme was good but almost got in the way of the heavy subject matter. It would be cool to try another one along similar lines without the rhyme.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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