The love of the great ones


  • Christmas

    The love of the great ones

    My mind goes back to my younger years and a tear comes to my eye. I had my grand parents, my aunts and uncles to have Christmas with. We would exchange love, food, and some gifts. When I was a child there was Santa bringing me gifts. What a great time that was when I didn't have a fear for a I was a child with out a care.  It didn't matter to us as long as we could be together. 
    Now I am older and it isn't the same, people forget what Christmas is about. Old people sit at home alone and they are forgotten. We rush around town to buy and don't give a thought of what Christmas is really about. We should be sharing our time with those older folks who would give anything to have someone care. A meal and our time is all they want us to share. Jesus has a birthday and that is the true meaning of Christmas.  I am sure he would want us to share our time and be kind to those who have nothing not even a meal. So please remember those who are old or lonely and have no one to care.

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    charles52 commented on The love of the great ones


    Dear Armymom1025: I really liked this poem. It speaks to what our hearts should know, yet, like you say, we are too busy to see that the old ones, who were there for us, are now forgotten, so we too will be forgotten by our yong ones when we are older.



    Thank you so much! I am caring for my elderly aunt and uncle and they have no- one to help them. They have no children to help. It is heart breaking to see them struggle. My uncle is 91 and my aunt is 86.

    mdpoetgirl commented on The love of the great ones


    so true, armymom... the elderly really need their families in their old age, and especially during the holidays... all the best to you, enjoy your holiday ;-)



    thank you so much! I am not a poet but i like to try. cindy armymom1025



    Thank you for the nice comment. I know some people just forget or simply are so selfish to take time to go see thier older siblings. Have a wonderfull day!

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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