"The Monster Behind Me" 4-24-12


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The reason for writing this poem was to confront the abuse that I received in my past. I did write more but it was lost the first time. so now i'm just gonna post it.

"The Monster Behind Me" 4-24-12

They say there comes a time when the world has a chance to destory it's monters.
When that time does occur who is to wage that war?
In my life I fight a battle againt a monter, I fight this monster in order to maintain a good name.
This fight is not at all deadly or defient,
it's about trying to find myself.
Though I'm not alone in this fight, there are other's fighting the seem fights too.
I'm in a land of the wild, where monster's like to roam.
These monster's have come into my homes, from a long time ago, untill this very night.
I've lost a lot of time fighting agianst them, and have lost many of fights as well.
They not only invade home's, they will invade your being.
They turn me into a beast unleased in a world full of disbeilf.
These monsters are real, because I've felt them kill.
Killing me piece by piece, every chace they get.
The only monster that is here is an abusive one, that forces it's will upon me. Pushes me to be like he, he is a fearce preversive being. Real as any crime against humanity.
This monster knows me and I know this monster.
I'm not going to surrcome to it's power anymore.
It's time is at hand and I demand him to leave this land, for good.
I am the one to take this creature on, I am the one that knows how to conquer this phenome.
My courage and free will, will service me.
I shall not be corrupted in anyway ever again in this life time.
You monster you can not harm a hair on my head.
I crush the very thought of your existence with my free will.
You will never have another chance to harm anyone so long as I life.
You are banished from this life I lead, be gone!

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Sali commented on "The Monster Behind Me" 4-24-12


So do you conquer this monster by your own free will alone or do you have some help? I confess, I cannot control the monsters inside of my being so I lean heavily on someone who can do a better job than I can :)



Its a battle we fight everyday, until that opportune moment when our free will is strong enuff, to be done with the monster or monsters in our lifes for good. But there will always be something to stick its ugly head into our lifes. But we dont have to always live with them old monsters and there memories we'll have, though we know how to beat them. Thanks for the question I hope this helped. see ya round thanks for the friendship too. WiteRightOn.com

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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