The Non-Traditional Student


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    The Non-Traditional Student

    A man too old for the place he was at
    Adjusting to change with his dog and his cat
    Surrounded by youth in a house with no soul
    Out of his realm like a fish from a bowl
    The dancing, the sex, the drugs and the booze
    Passed it up long ago for a wife he would lose
    Now along came a chance, a second at that
    All the things he had missed, again he came back
    The shots he would down, the bongs he would toke
    The rooms full of orgies and beer pong and smoke
    His age was a novelty, a topic of jest
    Man’s 20 years late and his old bones need rest
    He taught us bout’ Zepplin and Floyd in their heyday
    Introduced us to Sanford and All in the Family
    We taught him to hip hop and keg stand and techno
    When things got too raunchy, face red, he’d say “heck no”
    His nickname was Old Man, he took it in stride
    So genuinely retro, impossible to hide
    Some pictures and memories are all I can find
    Of the Old Man in college who lived again for the first time.

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    FranzJ commented on The Non-Traditional Student


    very clever and immagantive and a great story - especially about Zepplin and Floyd thanks for an look at the past

    ginga commented on The Non-Traditional Student


    I love the story telling effect of this clever poem. Poignant yet humorous, nostalgic and vintage. It takes me back and makes me smile! Nice read. ginga

    nicoleat19 commented on The Non-Traditional Student


    Love it! It reminds me of my dad, lol.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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