The owls I hear at the edge of the woods


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Based on an experience I had this evening. The night before Halloween. I love my owls!!!

The owls I hear at the edge of the woods

On the edge of the woods is where I stood tonight.
On the quiet still eve of Halloween.
I listened for a noise that I yearn to hear.
The owls I know that hunt from the trees quite near.

I stood real still and kept my eyes quite sharp.
I hoped that by chance I would be blessed to see,
one of my owl friends looking down at me from his perch in a tree.
Each tree stood out clear as a bell.
White clouds formed a perfect backdrop for my dream to come true.
But I felt just as happy to just be able to hear.

Quietly I stood listening, listening real close.
Each call different, but with almost the same notes.
One owl was before me, with one to my right.
Yet another called from deeper within the night.

Their calls have a special meaning for me.
For owls are extra special creatures you see.
The can only be heard on very still nights.
They can never be heard when they are in flight.

An owls feathers are quite different from other birds that you see.
They are so soft, look and feel life velvet you see.
That is how they can fly so very silently.

One ear is always higher then the other to help him to find his prey.
It is almost like radar some people say.
Their prey can be as quiet as possible,
but what an owl cant see he can hear as clear as can be.

Their heads can move quite amazingly.
They can pivot them almost 360 degrees.
Which greatly helps with whichever sense they use.
They can hunt in total darkness as no other bird can.
Sleep in the day is their most likely trend.

So, owls have a special meaning for me.
There calls are like a song written only for me.
So clear and strong that they can be heard from afar,
But so close to me, I'm so happy they are.

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JeremyJoe commented on The owls I hear at the edge of the woods


Your poem is wonderful! It paints a clear picture of your passion for owls. Keep writing.



Thank you JJ. I do have a passion for wild life in general. But owls are just so special to my heart

DestinedQueen commented on The owls I hear at the edge of the woods


Love the line "One owl was before me, with one to my right/Yet another called from deeper within the night." Almost as if they are all around you and you are surrounded by these amazing creatures that so many others take for granted. Also you include a lot of facts about the animal itself so it has an educational value to it which is not seen in a lot of poetry I've read. One thing I have noticed however is that you start out your poems with structure and rhyme schemes that seem to work quite well but then around the middle of the poem that scheme is stopped and seems to pick up and die out again multiple times. About the only suggestion I have is to work on that but other than that you say quite a lot and it comes from the soul which is what poetry is all about. DQ



Excellent critique. I am new to this and I appreciate your help.

Redhead commented on The owls I hear at the edge of the woods


The owls I hear.... This poem paints a great scene. Using almost all 5 senses is pleasantly placed. I can see that u are waiting to hear from your owls in the woods, I can see that u are looking for them. The feel of their velvet feathers. Really enjoyed the read. You really are a great writer!



Thank you Redhead. I do love the sound of their songs. They are amazing creatures. Very mystical.

nonners commented on The owls I hear at the edge of the woods


they are magnificent creatures,and they make you feel closer to God in a sense. great job i loved it!!!



Glad you liked it. I loved writing it.

ARU commented on The owls I hear at the edge of the woods


Well mom, thanks for the knowledge, I enjoy the story whenever I read it...Keep writing!



Thank you kindly. I still can not believe that I saw an owl land in a tree 25feet away from me 2 weeks after writing this poem. A thrilling sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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