The Pain of Truth


  • Meldarth

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First piece I've written in awhile......let me know what you think

The Pain of Truth

The pain of Truth


It started as a small pin prick,

Nothing more,

This pain of mine,


Spreading  slowly,

Outward from my heart,

Until it seems to engulf all of me,


Every fibre of my being,

Cries out,

All comes spilling out,


Words I thought never to be spoken,

Yet you laid them before me,

Naked truth,

Too much,

Far too soon,

My heart would be grey,


If there was any of it left,

Soul shattered,

Is there anything left?


I know not,

Only fragments of what was,

Moments of joy lost in sea of pain,


My eyes meet yours,

The gates’ break open

Free flowing tears,


Like cleansing spring shower,

Small sound escapes my lips,

Turns into simply the sound of ultimate suffering,


Pain threatens to consume completely,

Fiery depths of hell,

Can’t come close to this torture,


Just seems all hope is lost,

Your hands like a guiding light,

Wrap around me,


Holding me close,

Nothing can kill this pain,

But at least now it is a burden I can carry.


Clinton Trapp ‘10

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LovingJesus commented on The Pain of Truth


Excellent description, and a good balance of similes and metaphors. I also enjoyed the level of relatability you had with the reader. As a reader, you give me the same emotion the poem expresses! Overall, a fantastic job.

kdarcy commented on The Pain of Truth


Pain is pain, we can all relate to this ... the easing is in the sharing of the moment. Solid write, thanks for sharing that, I been there and done that to, be well k

ginga commented on The Pain of Truth


meldarth, The weighty pain is salient in this poem of trepidation. Great description that reveals a poignant pathos. ginga

Kablandra commented on The Pain of Truth


Very nice! Kinda of sad, but in that good healing way

dahlusion commented on The Pain of Truth


in poetry, honesty, passion, and the willingness to express yourself with out fear, are the signs of a real poet. Bravo!! Peace and light, dah

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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