The Phenomenon of Consumerism


  • Allegory

    The Phenomenon of Consumerism

    Plug me into my hopes and desires
    I am lost in this chaos
    Coldly you articulate the norm
    Agendas hidden under the radiance

    Put them in the box
    But poke some holes
    They're no good to you dead
    Except for in the head

    It's in your best interest
    To maintain stagnant equilibrium
    They can't know they are actually in control
    So disperse your mind patrol

    Tag the hook with sexy bait
    You've trained them to bite
    Classical conditioning at it's finest
    Bash it in until it's all they know

    The beast is fixated on shadows
    In that murky cave
    With your artificial light source
    They know not the difference, they are your slave

    You're a master at isolation
    The cave dwellers steer from outsiders
    And will tell them they are insane
    For how could they find happiness
    In apparent nothingness?

    Copyright 2009 Vincent Decker

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    mamasan commented on The Phenomenon of Consumerism


    Wow, Decker the more of your verses I read; the deeper I get in to all the nooks and crannies you invade with your delightful brand of insanity. May I share, that sometimes it would seem that the phenomenon of consumerism is a plot that like a vacuum sucks everything in its way. It gets sucked up in to the halls of bastions that are controlled by billionaires and zillionaires who are the puppet masters. Adios, and perhaps my words can be found under insanity and that is your perogative because this is your slate not mine. Make an intention to find sweet balance so you can find joy and bliss. mamasan with love and admiration for a fine youn poet who knows his craft...........

    Jonietta commented on The Phenomenon of Consumerism


    I would put a colon mark after the word difference, last line, fifth stanza. I believe it would make your statement POP. Fantastic pictures and emotional content. WAY COOL.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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