The Phoenix


  • Meldarth

The Phoenix

Heart ache,
when worlds collide,
walls surround,

quickening darkness consumes;
even shining love,
is seemingly snuffed out,

all is lost,
tears flowing,
nothing left,

wanting of total destruction,
as there is now just a hole,
left where the heart was,

air filled with smoke,
everything tastes of ash,
I embrace all,

allowing what was once my heart,
to fill with all that darkness,
and one little spark,

the love that once was,
hangs on the balance,
forever to be snuffed out,

or rekindled,
flaming red hot,
being reborn as a phoenix would,

pounds against the walls,
throwing myself as hard as possible,
time after time,

nothing left,
crumbling to my cage,

pounding against the walls,
questions being asked,
walls begin to crumble,

finally light returns,
will it be enough,
can the phoenix rise again?

behind the light is a face,
such love,
is the love still there for me,

after being gone for so long,
aimlessly adrift on the seas of contempt,
lost to the most important people,

the light shines the way,
is it the way home,
or will the darkness prevail.

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