The place


The place

I have frolicked in the darkness

I have been under the dark clouds

I have tried to escape

But they won’t let me out

I am here in my prisons

With Black flowers surround

I am here help me

I want to get out


This world with the black flowers and the rivers of blood

This world with blue trees and the purple rabbits and slugs

This world with the haunted

This world with the ghosts

This world with the goblins

And spirits and their host

This place were I am stuck

This place with the dead

This place were my soul wonders’

With the shrieks and dread


And in the dark it is lurking seeking me out

I can’t run I am trapped

In this world were I don’t belong

This creature of darkness

It wants my soul

I run and hid in terror

It is coming

I am the fool


And I die

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Platti commented on The place


this is the dark place that nobody likes to go to, good write :3



thanks!! :#

danmartyjake1 commented on The place


This is dismal and dark stuff.... It is terrifying and you make it seem very real with your creative style.



thanks. I read a lot of fantacy books and just invioned this place

jademelissa74 commented on The place


A wonderful piece indeed. You write passionately and you manage to maintain a level of interest well throughout the entire poem. Great job!



Thanks I try not to be borning when I am working on my conten in the poem.!!!

gogant commented on The place


A sad place to be, indeed...scary, too. But a very extraordinary rendering of those places nobody wants to live........................g




Phoenix9 commented on The place


another great write, well done and great flow.....



Thanks for the comment. I was imagie that came to my mind. This place I use to be in the dark world

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Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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