The Planets are fighting!!!


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    The Planets are fighting!!!

    Since the new year started,
    things have been really strange for me
    and everyone I know.
    Reflecting on this I came to the conclusion,
    that the planets must be fighting.
    Hey it happens to the best of us.

    Recently, there was a growing tension in the heavens.
    Neptune told Saturn that he looks fat in his rings.
    So they havn't been talking since.
    Venus and Mars were in a lovers quarrel.
    She accused him of having an affair.
    However mars insists he never touched Uranus!
    The sun has been very full of himself lately
    He just thinks he's so hot!
    Mercury can't stand any more of his attitude!!!
    Jupiter is dreaming of an exotic vacation
    and is rather out of touch.
    And poor Pluto is somewhere in the distance
    angry and sulking because someone decided
    after all his years of dedicated service
    that he isn't a planet anymore.
    All of this has caused quite a bit of chaos.
    Certainly more than usual.
    Poor earth is caught in the middle.
    All stressed out from all the arguing and he said she said mess!
    KEP 2/23/08

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    WordSlinger commented on The Planets are fighting!!!


    This is cool, creative and witty, I want to add to it, Earth see is a pimp, with an ear ring, it's the arc in St. Louis.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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